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Tiny park reflects pride of Ganthers Place

Walker Evans Walker Evans Tiny park reflects pride of Ganthers Place
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The Dispatch wroteTiny park reflects pride of neighborhood

Friday, September 12, 2008


I don’t have enough room to list everyone who helped transform a vacant lot into the beating heart of a neighborhood. That’s good. It’s good that the changes in Ganthers Place on Columbus’ South Side — and its new pocket park — are the products of a multitude. It makes them feel stronger, more permanent and sure.

When the city and Keep Columbus Beautiful dedicate the Ganthers Park for All People today, they doubtless will enumerate the many ways the tiny property has changed since 2004, when Allen Carrel moved next door to the lot on Reinhard Avenue.


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  • Elaine

    I have seen the incredible work that has been put into Ganthers Place. These guys are HOUNDDOGS when it comes to getting something done. That is what it takes if you believe in something and keep moving forward even if it is just a little at a time. You guys have accomplished a lot in the past few years and I admire what they have done. I love to talk with them when they come into the Banana Bean they are passionate about their neighborhood and it shows I love them. Remember guys GANTHERS PLACE you know what I am talking about……

  • John Ross

    Yeah, I think this is an amazing project. It’s a perfect idea of someone doing something and allowing the city to help — rather than expecting the city to do it alone.

  • David

    I grew up in the house directly across the street from the park (565 Reinhard). I also lived in the house (long before it was torn down, obviosly) where the park is located before we moved across the street. :D

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