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Tigertree Moves to New Location March 20th

 Tigertree Tigertree Moves to New Location March 20th
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Tigertree will be opening our doors for the first time at our new High St. location on Thursday, March 20th.

771 N. High St. Suite C.

Come have some drinks and say hello.

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  • desecration

    Congrats on the new location.

  • zp945

    Congrats on the High location. Is this the Insurance office?

  • Tigertree

    Thanks! It is, indeed, the insurance office. This move is bittersweet for us. We actually love our location now. We really love our space, and we have a terrific landlord, but I can only be so stubborn.

  • placebohigh

    Was very excited when I walked by to see your new location. Much more foot traffic there! :)

  • MikeReed

    was that the impetus for the move? If so, that represents a serious failure somewhere in getting foot traffic to travel 20 feet off of high street.

    Maybe some public art in your neighborhood could help with that?

  • Jason Lemon Lyman

    Congrats Tigertree. Best of luck in the new spot.

    Do you know if anything is slated for your old location?

  • clark909

    I’ve never shopped at Tigertree but when I saw the sign posted on High I couldn’t help but feel very proud and excited that our city is helping a business like Tigertree take off.

  • ArtExchange

    I’ll miss you, neighbor.

  • CDS sherman
  • Tigertree

    CDS sherman wrotehows that floor coming…..


    Yeah, that was a good lesson in reading warning labels/ventilation.

  • columbus native


  • Take2

    Congrats on the move! I can attest to the difference that High St versus 1/2 block off of High will make. That was the best move (no pun) we ever made.

    We will continue to send customers your way!

  • shepardess

    What is Tigertree? I feel like such an outsider!

  • Walker

    shepardess wroteWhat is Tigertree? I feel like such an outsider!

    Stop by 771 N. High St. Suite C. on Thursday and find out! :D

    Be sure to say hi to the owners. Nice people. :D

  • dejitaru

    sweet ill have to stop in is there alot more floor space then the previous spot?

  • KSquared

    I am ready for some spring shopping – can’t wait to see the new place!

  • columbus native

    hey if you guys need any signage for the shop I would love to hook you up for a great price. PM me if that is a need!

  • BetsyB

    Funny enough, I have never been inside of Tigertree, but I love Laura’s Ohio necklace and have been meaning to stop by…the funny part is I had a dream last night that I was in Tigertree and you wouldn’t let me buy the necklace.

    Very Weird, indeed!

  • brandonphoto

    Very high profile. I’ll miss your old space, can’t wait to see the new digs.

  • ChrisD28

    Josh, just wanted to tell you how great the new location looks . . . and bump this thread back up so that more people might see it. We’re glad to have you and Niki as new neighbors!

  • Bear

    Agreed! Colleen and I were really impressed at how the two of you managed to retain so much of the ambiance of the old location. Congratulations on the move!

  • Ndcent

    What kind of sign will you have outside?

    Walked by on Friday and looked good!

  • DawonHawkins

    Congratulations on the move guys! The new store looks great, and what a fantastic location!

  • Tigertree

    Thanks everyone! We are overwhelmed by the response. While we love our old space and miss some elements of our business being where it was, all of our anxiety over the move was cast aside our first two days of being on High St.

    As for our sign. We haven’t made up our mind. We’ll probably put some money into this one, so I don’t think we’ll rush into it. We’re just enjoying the insanely increased foot traffic right now. Once we get the insurance sign taken down, I kind of like the clean look of the stripe with no lettering. I think it adds a little allure, and I can stop making jokes about how we don’t sell insurance…

  • jenadrion

    Can’t wait to stop by and see it… sounds like it is great! Hope the new location brings you guys lots of new visitors + sales.

  • Tsuru

    Congratulations on your new home!


  • ZHC

    I think you made the right choice fwiw. Location Location Location as they say. It has always been true in retail.

    congrats on the move, I hope it brings you increased profitability!

  • Tsuru

    how was your first gallery hop in the new place? Lots of good sales?

  • Ndcent

    I would like orange neon in the window. Kthx.

  • surber17

    Tsuru wrotehow was your first gallery hop in the new place? Lots of good sales?

    I was wondering myself. There were a lot of people in the store when I walked by.

  • Manatee

    Just wanted to say, belated thanks to Tigertree on the great service they provided us when we went in the other day.

    My friend basically tried on everything in the store, and left happy. They say they want to go back and see “if they’ve got any new stuff in at Tigertree”!

    Plus the new location looks very smart and I almost tried to take the dogs home in each pocket.

    So thanks again!

  • putneyswope

    i’ll second that.

    jamo got me this watch there a couple weeks back

    and then i got these

    plus a shirt and the service was beyond reproach.

    thanks, josh and nikki (and rufus and june)!

    glad to be able to pick up gear like this in columbus.

  • Manatee

    We almost got those shoes, too. They are very handsome and not pricey, besides.

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