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Ticket Giveaway: Dublin Irish Festival

Anne Evans Anne Evans Ticket Giveaway: Dublin Irish Festival
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Looking forward to this year’s Dublin Irish Festival? Not sure which day you want to go? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Well good news, you don’t have to choose! We have 2 sets of tickets to give away that will get you in every day! So you can see everything. The festival turns 25 this year and they are celebrating!

Visit dublinirishfestival.org and leave a comment on this post with what activity you are most looking forward to. Contest ends at 11:59pm Sunday, July 29. One entry per person is allowed. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Winners may pick up their tickets at our office 65 E. Gay St., Suite 230 between Monday, July 30 and Thursday August 2 between 10am and 5pm. If you should need other arrangements, please let me know when I contact you. Each winner will receive 6 tickets and each ticket is valid for one day of admission only.

Thanks for playing and good luck! The festival runs from Friday August 3 through Sunday August 5.

Update: contest is over, thanks for playing!

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  • dtull

    Definitely the whiskey and beer tastings. I haven’t gotten to sample many varieties of Bushmill’s as of yet :).

  • !!!!!!! i want to go!!!! i’m new to columbus so i want to see everything there. i’ve been so excited for this event!!

  • btmebrns

    I love the Irish dancing and the music!

  • olivergj


  • mrl
  • Luminicole

    Celtic Rock Stage performances.

  • jademboski

    Black 47. So so so excited they are back for the 2012 DIF

  • jhenson

    I have never been and always wanted to go! I would love to get these tickets! :) I’m looking forward to all of the live music. Thanks!

  • mwood

    Clearly the whisky!

  • easterdayk

    No question- the Irish dancing. Does anyone remember Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance? The energy is spectacular!

  • muse2me

    Celtic Rock! Gaelic Storm and The Prodigals – doesn’t get much better.

  • petro

    Irish dancing and of course all the beer!

  • yekcoh23

    I am looking forward to getting another accesory to add to the Kilt!!!!! (and of course a couple of pints)

  • bnc73

    Beer Tasting! Whiskey Tasting! Irish Dancing! All that yummy food and story telling!

  • Comftnum2

    Whiskey tastings, shopping, and the music.

  • pdent

    The dancing, the food, the music definitely, and the beer.

  • leanna27

    The irish music and the shopping.

  • DavidF

    Whiskey tasting of course!

  • DaveCWilson

    Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul, Gaelic Storm, Richens/Timm Academy of Irish Dance & and other music I can squeeze in.

  • I really just like exploring with my kid, he loves exploring festivals. He should be old enough to do things in the wee folk section, unlike last year, so that will be fun!

  • swcotten

    Any celtic music, the Bloody Irish Boys and whiskey tasting!

  • The Wolfhounds!

  • theadocj

    Definitely looking forward to Gaelic Storm and the food!!

  • elsie08

    We love the talent at the Celtic rock stage and the Columbus Celtic dancers. Can’t wait!

  • SayHey

    Gaelic Storm and Guiness!

  • Misplaced

    Irish music!! So pumped for Black 47.

  • cannizzaro.3@osu.edu

    Gaelic Storm concert!

  • KevinWooldridge

    I want to hear the music and do the beer tastings…

  • Haggis + Codwich + Gaelic Storm on Friday

  • clarekin

    I over the Kells, plus all the Irish step dancing.

  • leBoudreaux

    woo hoo! I love the beer!!

  • KMSBarnes

    I’m looking very forward to the Prodigals!

  • rpkeil2

    Gaelic Storm: always a great show

  • klasp

    The activity I am most looking forward to is seeing the Irish Dancers and the bagpipers!

  • mike0o2

    Celtic sports, especially the caber toss.

  • miss98

    I love all of the music, dance and food. I’m really looking forward to Charlene Adzima and Ladies of Longford.

  • Metastitial

    Irish dancing + guiness

  • cbrandon

    The Irish Dancing! I’ve never been to the Dublin Irish Festival, but I’ve heard a lot about it!

  • sgorsuch

    Grandkids coming to town this weekend – it would be thrilling for them to see the fabulous dancing and all their fellow redheads!

  • JM

    Whisky Tasting!!!
    Oh, and the music and storytelling.
    And, whisky tasting.

  • jesslyn

    I’m looking forward to going for the first time. (And the beer!)

  • thirstychef

    Food and Music, can’t get enough of either!

  • Contest is over, thanks for playing!
    Our winners are mwood and muse2me.
    Please check your email!

  • Amby8

    Never been, but the tastings and the highland games sound pretty cool!

  • RoJoNo

    Watching a performance of my Irish dancing niece.

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