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Three-Story Village Pointe Project Under Construction on Parsons Avenue

Brent Warren Brent Warren Three-Story Village Pointe Project Under Construction on Parsons Avenue
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A three-story commercial building is currently under construction on Parsons Avenue just south of the Livingston Avenue CVS. Plans for the 36,000 square foot building include a fitness center on the second and third floors and several retail and restaurant storefronts on the first.

Local developer Jeff May, who partnered with Skilken to develop the CVS and also owns the Scrambler Marie’s next door on Livingston, has a long history on the corner. He worked his way up from salesman to owner of Bobb Chevrolet, which moved to a suburban location on West Broad Street in 2008.

“The push from manufacturers has been to eliminate downtown locations,” said May, explaining that his goal has always been to develop the corner in a way that would contribute to the community and build off of the major investment that Nationwide Children’s Hospital has made in the area.

“I’ve had numerous opportunities to do something with our land, but I wanted to hold off and take the time to figure out something special for our neighborhood,” he adds. “I’m not a big developer in town, but I believe that I can bring new and positive retail to Parsons Avenue. I’m an entrepreneur, and I want to support other entrepreneurs in South Columbus.”

May said that he has had conversations with a number of potential tenants for the first floor space, including a deli, a sit-down restaurant, and a salon. He hopes the mix will appeal to both the 9,000-plus employees of hospital, and to residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Both groups also offer a potential market for the fitness center, which will have its entrance in the first floor lobby of the building and offer cardio machines, weights, and even dance floors over its 24,000 square feet.

May hopes to wrap up construction by next summer on the building. As for the land that sits behind the new building, which is now being used as parking for the hospital, he said that he is interested in developing it, but was not able to share details on that project yet.

Bob Leighty, Executive Director of the Parsons Avenue Merchants Association (PAMA), hopes that the new three-story building can be a catalyst for additional private development on the historic commercial corridor.

“Jeff May is the role model for our business owners on Parsons Avenue,” says Leighty. “He cares deeply about our neighborhood, and he is investing in South Columbus and South Columbus entrepreneurs.”

Renderings via Neighborhood Design Center.

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  • surber17

    This is exactly what is needed right there! Hopefully this spurs more, similar development

  • Eugene_C

    Wow. I never thought I’d live long enough to see revitalization of that area on this scale. Very nice.

    (I still think they should have removed the central interchange in this area and routed through traffic via 670 and 104. They could have reconnected this to downtown, I know I’ll never live long enough to see that, tho :)

  • Not that Tom

    nice! it would be great to have a gym that close to me without having to go back downtown after work

  • MHJ

    WOW. That’s awesome!

  • I hope that concept becomes a bar/restaurant so we can have a little bit of nightlife on this side of town.

  • metony

    Jeff May is a man looking to the future and his project will infuse many millions of development dollars into the Parsons Livingston area. Anthony F. Mollica & Associates are proud to be selected for a part in his dynamic team.
    Childrens/Nationwide is creating a magnetic climate for private development dollars. May’s 50 Million dollar corner is just the beginning of Childrens/Nationwide casting a long shadow of new and rehabilitated projects.

    Tony Mollica October 29,2013

  • This is fantastic, this intersection continues to grow at a great pace. I have high hopes that it continues south down Parsons, so much potential.

    One of the main drivers was a federally funded road project and a huge private investment hospital and the improvements just keep coming. I love this area, its so diverse, it’s nice eating at Scrambler Marie’s here and seeing such a melting pot.

    The South end is often coined the new short north by my gay friends who come down to hit up all the bars that are now located here instead of the SN so it is exciting to watch as this transforms.

  • Also thinking, what local restaurant owner will be the one with the guts to move down here first? Sure we have had a few high profile openings in the past years (Harvest, Explorers Club, Hal and Als, new Red Brick soon) but the list is way too short compared to all the new places that have opened in other areas.

  • Stephen43215

    Could it be a PotBelly? Soups, Salads, sandwiches…

  • DSA

    As the designers and architects for this project DSA Architects is really excited to be part of the development in this neighborhood.

  • UrbanLegend

    No offense to DSA Architects, but I hope very much that this project turns out more like the renderings provided by Neighborhood Design Center and less like the projects shown on DSA’s website http://www.dsaarchitectsinc.com/

    Soul-less suburban “architecture of nowhere” at its worst.

  • jpizzow

    Very nice and unexpected. It would be nice to see some new apts with 10-20% affordable units in a 4-7ish story building in the lot behind this building. That is what I was hoping for the CVS site, which is not dense enough for such a prominent corner.

  • kellyortman

    This is fantastic news. GV/Schumacher Place desperately needs a fitness center or at least more fitness options. I couldn’t be more pleased to learn this!

  • heresthecasey

    Looks like a very nice little project. Will hopefully help to offset the urban design disaster which is the Children’s Hospital garage across the street.

  • el duderino

    does anyone know the name of the gym that is going in or when they’re taking memberships?

  • I was told they are doing pre-sales;


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