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The Top 10 Columbus Theatrical Groups of 2016

Best of CU Best of CU The Top 10 Columbus Theatrical Groups of 2016Short North Stage’s 2016 production of “The Fantasticks.” — Photo by Jason Allen.
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There’s a lot of great live theater in Columbus, so fans of the performing arts have a plethora of options to choose from. When we surveyed our readers and contributors this year on their favorite local groups that produce live theater, Short North Stage rose to the top of the list for the first time. The organization has called the historic Garden Theater home since 2012, producing a wide variety of interesting shows every year.

Columbus Underground Theater Critic Richard Sanford reviewed nearly a dozen Short North Stage shows throughout 2016, which were generally praised in high regards.

“This production shows us all, again, what Short North Stage does better than anyone else in town,” said Sanford in his review of Kiss of the Spider Woman in November.

The 2016-2017 at Short North Stage continues through July with upcoming productions of Hand to God, Monty Python’s Spamalot and Angels in America Parts One and Two.

For more information, visit www.shortnorthstage.org.

Top 10 Columbus Theatrical Groups of 2016:

  1. Short North Stage
  2. Available Light Theatre
  3. Madlab
  4. Shadowbox Live
  5. CATCO
  6. The Actors’ Theatre
  7. Hashtag Comedy
  8. Columbus Children’s Theatre
  9. Red Herring Productions
  10. Imagine Productions

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Note: Our “Best of 2016″ lists are published as the combined results of our annual Reader Nomination Survey and Editor’s Choice picks.

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  • mrjoedawgbrother

    What in the…For real?! This is amazing. Amazing! On behalf of Hashtag Comedy and TBD The Musical, we thank you Columbus Underground for this honor. This is bonkers! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • GwenHarris

    It’s nice to see some real theatre companies at the top. Too bad shadowbox keeps making the list.

    • Ouch. Sorry you’re not a fan.

    • Shadowbox has always been solid in my experiences. They’ve got a pretty big and diverse range of productions and events that should include something that appeals to just about anyone.

    • mrjoedawgbrother

      I challenge you to come back. Not necessarily on behalf of Shadowboxlive, but by personal recommendation.

  • MrBlister

    Pfffft. #Hacktag

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