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The Ohio Tap Room Set to Open in April

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Ohio Tap Room Set to Open in April
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For those really into craft beers or Ohio-produced goods, the Ohio Tap Room brings together the two in a novel new venture: a retail store that sells only Ohio made brews including beer, mead, and soda.

Brainchild of John and Stephanie Evans, the Ohio Tap Room is a way to celebrate the great products that have been coming out of Ohio in recent years, and even though it will primarily showcase beer, it also plans to offer other Ohio products that perfectly accompany our favorite hop-based libation, like pretzels and nuts.

When the Ohio Tap Room opens in early April in Grandview at the site of the former Franco’s Barber Shop, its primary concentration will be on Ohio-produced draft beers and to-go growlers, promising to offer by-the-glass service of all beers, meads, and ciders shortly after that. The space itself is small, only about 450 square feet, but with a patio and some twenty to twenty five beers on tap, Evans promises that the Ohio Tap Room will quickly become a go-to destination for those who want to truly appreciate the great brews Ohio has to offer. He’s already planning a loyalty program and expansion into other markets in Ohio as enthusiasm builds for the opening.  In time, he hopes to have every part of the state represented on tap, but until then, he looks forward to promoting the talents of our local folk and quenching serious thirsts right here in Columbus.

More information can be found online at www.facebook.com/theohiotaproom.

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  • leftovers

    One of the craziest intersections in Columbus now has one of the highest alcohol contents. ;)

    Nice to see all the new things going in, but my wife always used to mention how cute the little barbershop was whenever we drove by. We will have to toast to its memory with an Ohio brewed beer…

  • Kahiki

    Wow. That’s going to be across the street from one of the better bottle shops in the city.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Yeah, there is no lack of access to good beer in Grandview. The Northest Blvd and Grandview Carryouts, Giant Eagle (soon to be even better) and Kroger all have a pretty good selection and they are expanding the carryout by BONO.

    I have heard the owners live nearby, so I assume that plays into it and the Ohio only angle may be a hook that works on some people. Personally though I have more connections with and might prefer a good Pittsburgh craft brew over one made in Toledo. State boundaries are just politcal hooey imho.

    I wonder if we will be able to drink the beers on their patio? Bono used to let people do that (the carryout there has a decent selection) but they they were forced to stop. Does the taproom have a liquor license?

  • theohiotaproom

    @leftovers We’ll keep a lot of the elements of the barber shop, including the cute pole. (And hopefully a few other surprises we’re working to dig up!)

    @Kahiki Absolutely. They’ve got a great selection across the street. Our focus will be on to-go growlers, so hopefully we complement each other nicely.

  • @mrpoppinzs A patio is definitely in our future. For now we’ll be able to offer tastes on premises and beer to go, but in the future we plan to expand that.

  • mrpoppinzs

    That patio could be very nice. I will definitely be dropping by.

  • @mrpoppinzs We look forward to having you! Hopefully you can find an Ohio beer that you like, maybe even from Maumee Bay Brewing Company. ;)

  • nowise

    Wow, a few years ago finding a growler fill in this town was a bit of an adventure. Now they are popping up everywhere. Love it!

  • mbeaumont

    Very cool! Sounds like it’s going to be a great spot.

  • Couldn’t find the address but now see it on their Facebook page… if I had only one request for Columbus Underground, it might be to publish full addresses of any place they review, clearly at the top or bottom of every article so you don’t have to scan the article text. (Extra points for a Google Map link… I would be so happy!)

  • Sorry. We typically include addresses (though this article isn’t a review).

    It’s 1291 W. Third Avenue.

  • bucki12

    Sounds nice!

  • ricospaz

    Yay more drinking options in Grandview! Can’t wait for the patio (Well I can wait until May)

  • RiderRider

    I used to get my haircut at that barber shop in elementary school. Now I can buy a drink there!

  • Latest news: They’ll be selling Honeykiss Bakery Pies at the store! The Red, White and Bacon pie is so good that even someone who never eats pie, me, will stop by and pick up a pie when I have to spend the afternoon with my grandmother as she recounts the “good ole days” and tells me why I’m not married yet.

  • Not Grandview

    Just to clarify, this establishemnt is not actually located in Grandview, but near Grandview. Check the auditors website.

  • I actually looked at a map to doublecheck the location and it was right on the very edge of the city of Grandview Heights, but looked to be just inside the boundaries from what I could tell. Sorry for any confusion the mis-labeling may cause, though I think most don’t really care which side of the line its on… they care about what’s inside the store. ;)

  • Not Grandview

    @ Walker, you can see on the county auditors website that the location is city of Columbus and school tax district as Columbus. The boundary lines of Grandview are weird, even apartments right next door to the high school are not in Grandview. Everything on Grandview Avenue north of Third Ave isn’t in Grandview.

  • leftovers


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