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The New Crest Gastropub of Clintonville

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The New Crest Gastropub of Clintonville
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Gastro pubs are trending right now – and with good reason. They offer customers the opportunity to enjoy gourmet cuisine in a casual atmosphere, the merging of two worlds that were always destined to co-exist. The Crest has truly taken this notion to heart, creating a space that not only combines food and ambiance, but old world and new, in a classic approach to the modern bar.

Upon entry, you’ll be immediately struck by the warmth of the decor, especially of the wood, which, if you close your eyes, may actually smell like rural Ohio – in its best version, of course. See, all the wooden beams and posts that are now part of the Crest’s main bar is repurposed from barns across Ohio. When asked why, owner Nic Heeter says they wanted to do something that would distinguish the spot, make it stand out in a myriad of gastro pubs.

“We want everybody to enjoy our food and drink,” Heeter shares. “So we’re putting in a quality bar to match the quality food”.

And the food promises to be outstanding. Chef Dustin Brafford, a Columbus native who has spent recent years cooking in the country of Lebanon, will be in charge of the kitchen, whose central focal point is a large, traditional, wood-fired oven from which will come everything from pizzas to “not quite mom’s” meatloaf. The Crest will also offer a kid-friendly menu with much-beloved items like Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

The bar will carry some sixty craft beers (for which they will strive to provide the appropriate glassware), and forty specialty cocktails. The staff is currently being trained by veteran mixologist Annie Williams, another Columbus native who’s gained popularity in the past couple years. She will bring her knowledge of not only correct libation creation, but of what will pair best with certain dishes on the menu.

“When we do open, our staff will be fully trained, and you can rely on them to make everyone happy,” Heeter swears with a knowing smile on his face. “We’re creating a comfortable environment… when you come, you’re going to want to stay, you’re going to want to return”.

The Crest hopes to be open by this Earth Day, April 27th, but acknolwedges that not all well-laid plans go according to script. All of the inspections are completed, the large patio is being furnished, and the last-minute details are being dealt with to facilitate a smooth opening. Heeter hopes it won’t be later than the first week of May, so to follow their progress, visit them at www.facebook.com/TheCrestGastropub. The Crest is located at 2855 Indianola Avenue.

Photo via The Crest Gastropub.

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  • Polis

    Oooooh… I can’t wait! I live right around the corner from this place and hope that it serves the community well.

    Also, Earth Day is April 22.

  • Bear

    The new owner and chef surprised me by asking me about good local sources for grass-fed beef. Turns out they’d been planning to use beef from OPI’s prison meat program, until they read my editorial on the subject ( http://slowfoodcolumbus.org/editorial-prison-meat-3/ ) and realized that they’d be undercutting local producers. The fact that they immediately dropped the idea really impressed me. I’m very much looking forward to checking them out.

  • Pablo

    It looks nice on the outside!

  • I can’t wait for a month after they open so I can visit when it’s past its trendy period. Sadly, I expect they won’t let my dog in on a hot Summer day like the old Crest.

  • meltsintowonder

    Looking forward to checking this out after it opens. Beautiful design. And it actually sounds like it’s going to be a gastropub, a term that’s been overly used. Another option in Clintonville to frequent.

    Dave, highly doubtful on the dogs and I heard there’s still a wait for a reservation at The Pearl. Not a bad thing but it will eventually die down.

  • kelso queen

    It would be nice if The Crest was being a good neighbor. Instead they are dumping water from their sump pump into the alley to puddle and create homes for mosquitos.
    don’t believe their schtick about being green

  • Is that abnormal? did the sump pump empty someplace else before? I’m honestly curious. And this wouldn’t really mean they aren’t trying in hundreds of other ways to be environmentally responsible.

  • Just contacted someone there because I hate to see this place get slammed so suddenly when it just opened. I know the effort that has gone into it. Turns out it is something they are working on solving and have hired Rain Brothers to help work out a solution.

  • Eugene_C

    This place is very good. I don’t know what exactly makes it a “gastropub” as opposed to a pub with great food and beer, but I like it.

  • Finally had opportunity to try The Crest for lunch on Thursday and really, really was happy with everything. Service was incredibly friendly and informative, the patio was lovely with a nice breeze, I was with a friend visiting from Boston and he was really impressed with the beer tasting he experienced and the food.

    I enjoyed the barrel-aged margarita twice (taking some vacation days) and loved the variety of salads, apps and entrees. He did the grilled cheese sandwich with salad and finished every bite; I loved the wilted chard & spinach salad with lemon-tahini dressing and tomatoes grown on the roof with a lamb burger and mac ‘n cheese. The housemade hot sauce was great to pair with the mac ‘n cheese and I will be making this a regular lunch spot.

    It’s tough for good restaurants when the opening rush hits, expectations are high and service can suffer. We visited after things had calmed down and were treated very well while enjoying great, creative food. Long live The Crest!

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