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The List: 5 Reasons to go to Highball Halloween

Walker Evans Walker Evans The List: 5 Reasons to go to Highball Halloween
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Photo of Highball Halloween 2011 by Alison Horn - www.alisonhorn.com

HighBall is celebrating its fifth year this Saturday as *the* Halloween party of Central Ohio. Thousands of costumed partygoers will take over a section of closed-off High Street on Saturday from 5pm to 1am for drinks, entertainment, food, live music, light shows, fashion and more.

If that’s not convincing enough for you, here’s five more reasons you won’t want to miss this year’s event:

1. The New Location!

Every year, Highball has moved up and down High Street, changing locations and connecting with different groups of neighboring bars and restaurants that join in the party. This year, Highball takes place further south between Goodale Boulevard and Nationwide Boulevard, so you’ll be able to grab a pint at Barley’s, a cocktail at Martini or some grub at Deepwood or Knead while in costumed glory.

2. $1,750 in Cash Prizes for Best Costumes of the Night!

If you’ve got a killer costume then you’ve got a chance to get pulled up on the main stage to parade around and potentially win $1000! Or $500 if you get second place, or $250 if you get third place! Or just a whole bunch of fun even if you don’t win!

3. Drinking in the Middle of High Street!

It may sound silly, but we think there’s something magical about being able to stand in the middle of High Street without getting run over and openly consume adult beverages while lights flash and music thumps. It’s probably about as close as you’ll get to a attending a rave in the middle of the city with both Nina West and Mayor Coleman in attendance!

4. The New Hilton Hotel is Open!

Over 500 brand spanking new hotel rooms just opened last week, which will tower right above Highball this year. That means that if you need a place to crash, you’ve only got a few feet to walk to get to an elevator to your room! The Hilton is even offering a special Highball Party Package for $159 and Regular Rooms Rates at $135.

5. Rocky Horror After Party!

A short walk away, the Arena Grand is hosting an after party with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which starts at midnight. But this is no ordinary movie theater seating! The film will be projected up on the three-story lobby walls so that patrons can enjoy drinks from the bar while not missing the movie. The event is BYOT though (bring your own toast).

So… get your costume finished up this week and we’ll see you at Highball!

More information can be found online at www.highballhalloween.com.

Photo of Highball Halloween 2011 by Alison Horn – www.alisonhorn.com.

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  • Think they should start the Rocky Horror after party after the highball ends?

  • 6) No parking woes. Pedal Instead will be parking bikes.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Love the top picture with the Garden sign…

  • @mrpoppinz – Me too! Great photo from last year’s location by Alison Horn! http://www.alisonhorn.com

  • Jeftrokat

    I wish they closed down High Street more often than this one time each year. It would do wonders for Gallery Hop, for example.

  • I agree with Jeftrokat – There are many cities that close the main strip on the weekends or Friday nights, I am reminded of the street in Austin where they do it each weekend. You could even keep a few east / west routes open to allow access to parking and to 3rd / 4rth for leaving the area.

  • Do those cities that close a street close it for over a mile? If High was closed for Gallery Hop from Goodale to Fifth, it would be a pretty major closure.

    I think a regular festival closure would take place in Downtown proper where you could close a street for a block or two and condense a festival into a smaller distance. You’ve got plenty of parallel and perpendicular streets for detours and not as big of a strain on traffic, buses, residents, etc.

    I think that format works really well for Gay Street for Independents Day.

  • mrpoppinzs

    I think the density of bars and restaurants on High St make it much more conducive to closing than downtown. If there is a main strip in Columbus it is High St. in the SN.

    Alternating the closing of different sections (north and south) would probably work out fine.

  • davidhunegnaw

    As a longtime Short North/Italian Village resident, I would love to see a High Street closure (from Goodale to Buttles) during Gallery Hop nights. Traffic is mostly at standstill anyways and doing so seems like it could create an even more festive vibe.

    Although, I would suspect High Street restauranteurs with valet may find monthly closures frustrating for the valets and their customers…

  • Traffic at a standstill means the standstill traffic would be moved to side streets throughout the neighborhood as well as Neil and Summit/Fourth. Additionally, the bus routes that run on High Street are some of the busiest routes, and moving them to detours will affect travel schedules.

    Not that it can’t be done… just things to take into consideration.

    I guess my question would be… how would Gallery Hop be improved for pedestrians with High Street closed down? Would there be additional things to do in the streets? Stages and performers or booze sales similar to Highball? Food trucks and art shows Or would that detract from the art galleries, shops and restaurants already in the neighborhood?

  • Anyway, I hope everyone talking about how they’d love to see High Street closed for other events will be out enjoying High Street closed for Highball tonight! ;)

  • davidhunegnaw

    Sure, standstill traffic would have to be redistributed throughout the neighborhoods but I don’t think that it would be a bad thing… also rerouting public transportation (IMHO) seems a minor inconvenience.

    To answer your question regarding Gallery Hop and how a High Street closure could improve the event… when you look at Gallery Hop in its current state, it has nothing to do with the Gallery experience, it’s all about the fun. So with that understanding, why not take the event to another level and (to your point Walker) bring food trucks, performance artists, and more to the event right on High Street?

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