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The List: 10 Restaurants Closed in 2012 That We’ll Miss

Walker Evans Walker Evans The List: 10 Restaurants Closed in 2012 That We’ll Miss
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Every year we see plenty of new restaurants open in Columbus, but we also see many close their doors. Here’s a list of ten that closed up in 2012 that we’ll certainly miss:

  1. The Clarmont – Possibly the oldest restaurant to close in 2012, The Clarmont shuttered back in January after 65 years in business. The space at 684 South High Street is currently vacant and rumors have been circulating that it may soon be replaced by a new Panera store.
  2. Bakery Gingham – After five years and two locations, Bakery Gingham closed up their cupcake and dessert shops. Owner Amanda Hanna said she wanted to devote more time to her newborn son.
  3. Clever Crow – The critically acclaimed North Market pizza stall announced last month that they’d be closed there by the end of the year, but would continue to serve pizza at Circus Bar, where they originally got their start.
  4. Barrio – The Downtown Spanish-influenced tapas restaurant and bar known as Barrio closed up after four years in business. Barrio was quickly relaunched as Madrid, another Spanish-influenced tapas restaurant and bar.
  5. Urban Spirit Cafe – While not a full-service restaurant, this Near East Side cafe served as a spot for King-Lincoln residents to grab a quick bite to eat with a cup of coffee. The new Gene Walker cafe opened in its place a few months later.
  6. La Bamba – Long-time campus institution La Bamba (burritos as big as your head!) closed over the summer without much notice, inciting a wave of nostalgia among post college graduates. A Qdoba has taken its place.
  7. Hoggy’s – Locally-based barbecue chain Hoggy’s closed up all of their restaurants except for their Gahanna location, reducing their stores to just one. The Dublin store is now home to 101 Beer Kitchen, and the Grandview Heights store will soon be a Winking Lizard Tavern.
  8. Two Mad Dogs – This Powell-based hot dog and ice cream closed their doors after a year in business.
  9. Cafe Lola – This Downtown lunch spot closed after nearly five years in business, but still lives on in a smaller form in the Streetfare by Lola lunch stand in the Fifth/Third Building.
  10. Louie’s Fusion Grill – This Upper Arlington restaurant closed up early in 2012 and has since been replaced by a Yabo’s Tacos.

Which restaurant will you miss the most?

Leave us a comment below if there’s any others that we missed.

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  • dtull

    I’ll miss Barrio for sure. Great wine menu and we had more than one excellent group tapas outing there. Eager to try Madrid. Is good? Maybe less noisy than Barrio?

    Hoggy’s left a hole in my heart that was quickly filled by Ray Ray’s, so no worries there.

  • amystannenbaum

    Pomegranate on Hamilton Road in Gahanna! Was one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus and out of nowhere closed their doors in October.

  • The Hoggy’s location in Delaware was the short-lived Avvio and just opened the end of November with Brooklyn Heights which is supposed to be a Brooklyn/American-infused menu. Haven’t heard much from anyone that’s been there yet, on my list just haven’t been there yet.

  • I will miss Cafe Lola. I always enjoyed their quesadillas and salads. They were pretty affordable too! I will have to check out their newer location.

  • Porky

    Sucks I did’nt get to Clairmont one more time before they closed.
    I will probably miss Barrio the most, it was just close and convenient for work so I went there often for lunch. The food was always good, service not so much so, still have not made it to Madrid yet.
    Urban Spirit was the one that made me the saddest, that construction just killed them.

  • I was sad that Kings Garden on Sawmill closed.

    Lily’s closed, leaving Aromaku food truck as the only place for Indonesian food in Columbus.

  • Cabo Cantina I believe closed at the beginning of the year, one of my favorite places in the city

  • Yuen’s Restaurant in Columbus Square folded up quietly this year. They produced some tasty and unusual Chinese dishes. Didn’t Rad Dog close his vegan cart?

  • The Clarmont. So sad when a real institution like that place goes under.

    I’ll also miss Pig Iron BBQ – the new ownership (as Iron Grill) and food quality is terrible. It was my favorite BBQ in Columbus, now it’s not even worth mentioning.

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