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The Hubbard Breaks Ground, Announces First Retail Tenants

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Hubbard Breaks Ground, Announces First Retail Tenants
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You may have already noticed that some construction has begun on the long vacant site on the northeast corner of Hubbard and High in the Short North, but today it’s officially official. The new mixed-use apartment development known as The Hubbard has broken ground and will bring an additional 68 apartment units, 17,000 square feet of retail space, a unique tenant courtyard  and a 250-space public parking garage.

The construction crews from Elford Development have already dug out the lower level of the parking garage and the foundation work is being laid.

“We’re hoping that the parking garage is going to come along first,” said Mark Wagenbrenner, President of Wagenbrenner Development who is co-developing the project along with Elford. “At 250 spaces, we know how precious that will be to the whole neighborhood.”

Barring any significant winter weather delays, Wagenbrenner expects the apartments to begin leasing in late 2013.

Several retail tenants at The Hubbard were also announced at today’s event, including a Fifth Third Bank Branch, a Snap Fitness and a Gift and Flower Shop. The latter two businesses will face Hubbard Avenue, while the bank faces High.

“We’re saving the corner unit for the right tenant,” said Wagenbrenner. “We’ve had conversations with several possible businesses, but we’re taking our time and are happy with the retail leasing given where we are with the project right now.”

For more background on the development of The Hubbard, CLICK HERE.

More information can be found online at www.830northhigh.com.

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  • Pablo

    Kind of looks like a shorter version of the LC building at Rich & High.

  • surber17

    Columbus is in such an exciting time right now. In 12 months, the city will sure look a lot different

  • @surber17 – Agreed. 60 units here, 70 units there, 100 units over there… it’s all going to add up to over 5000 new residents within two miles of Downtown. That’s a pretty bit uptick in a short amount of time.

  • Neutzy

    Glad to see another vacant lot be filled! The corner storefront’s sign in that rendering looks suspiciously like the red cursive of a Walgreens. The Short North could really use a drug store but Walgreens permanently lost my business when they demolished the Kahiki… so I guess I hope this rendering isn’t as prophetic as the 5-year old rendering of River South with the condo building at the corner of Rich and High in the background.

  • MichaelC

    Very, very exciting. Will be curious to see how all the gyms do–Oxygen, Short North Fitness, Snap, Capitol, Arena District, Urban Active, etc.

    Great that a flower shop is moving in. And greater that they’re being patient in getting the right corner tenant.

    Question for Walker or whomever might know: does the city have any data on where all the Downtown-area residents/tenants are coming from? The ‘burbs? Other parts of Columbus? Etc.?

  • bucki12

    Snap Fitness sounds like a nice fit. I think it is only $14.95 a month if you do a long term contract. That is a lot cheaper than the $50 a month that Short North Fitness charges. Snap also has 24 hour access.

  • surber17

    @MichaelC ….. I was thinking both things myself. There are now a good amount of gym choices, but each seems to cater to a different niche. As far as the new residents go, I would love to see a poll on where they are coming from.

  • @MichaelC – I’ve not seen any specific demographics polling, but I imagine it’s a mix of suburban-to-urban transplants, college-to-urban transplants and in-migration from other cities around the country.

  • futureman

    @Neutzy – I doubt it will be a CVS/Wallgreens because at ~5000sf it roughly half the typical sf of one of their stores. The stalled 5 story apartment building at King and High was going to have a 12,500sf CVS on the ground floor (http://bzs.columbus.gov/uploadedFiles/Building_and_Zoning_Services/Boards_and_Commissions/Zoning/Board_of_Zoning_Adjustment/Meetings/2011/Active_Cases/11310-00498%201398-1400%20North%20High%20Street.pdf)

  • ehill27

    That’s 3 fitness places in the SN… seems like overkill. I’m guessing one isn’t going to last.

    I guess it will be survival of the fittest. Ha!

  • Stephen43215

    How about a small market? I know the Short North has UDF, Giant Eagle, and Kroger a bit further north but im sure it would really be used being right in the center of the SN.

  • ehill27

    ^ indeed.

  • Stephen43215

    So the project has been renamed “The Hub”? It also mentions in Columbus Business First that a new restaurant will be part of the project..that only leaves the large corner space at High & Hubbard left.


  • @ehill27 – All three fitness places in the neighborhood are small places. Add a bunch of new residents to the neighborhood and you’ve probably got enough customers to go around.

  • mrpoppinzs

    Yeah, that is a lot of gyms considering a lot of new apartment complexes have their own fitness centers. For the price, Snap Fitness seems pretty good. They also have branches all over Columbus.

  • Stephen43215

    I checked out snap about a year ago. The price of 14.95 per month caught my eye.. when I was about to sign the sales rep said at that price there is a 299.00 dollar sign up fee otherwise it would have been 45.00 per month.

  • mrmann

    Ouch! Though that $300 would get eaten up pretty quickly in other gym pricing. That is $480 for the 1st year and then $180 a year after that. If you plan on sticking around it would be pretty good.

    I am waiting to see reviews on LA Fitness, which took over for Urban Active. They are $26 a month with a lot of amenities and free parking, but I want to see how they are rated.

    Capitol also looks decent at $39, but I am not sure what their parking situation is downtown.

    With all gyms, convenience is the key. The more hassle the less likely you are to go.

  • mbeaumont

    I think a small market would be fantastic. That being said, perhaps some intrepid reader would like to buy and fix up the closed Saveway market at 3rd Ave and Summit? Pretty please? :D

  • jbcmh81

    @Walker… We need a running count of residential units near or in Downtown. Even at a 1 to 1 ratio, the Downtown area population may very well more than double over the next 10 years.

  • Taz Devil

    Well, thank goodness they are putting in another bank because the Short North doesn’t have any of those yet.

  • @Taz – There’s no 5/3rd bank in the Short North. For 5/3rd customers, it doesn’t matter if the Short North already has a Chase and Huntington.

    @jbcmh81 – I counted up a total of 3000 units and maybe 4500 residents back in April, here:


    I’m due for another calculation, but give me until tomorrow as there’s more news coming that we’ll want to calculate in. ;)

  • jbcmh81

    @Walker, I recently did something of a quick count, but included all areas inside 270. I came up with a little more than 8,000, the majority of these being within a mile or two from Downtown. However, this number included projects that have not begun construction or have preliminary planning.

  • ohhelloohio

    I agree that a small, independent market would be a nice addition to the Short North. I am concerned that the remaining space will be filled by another chain retail tenant. I would not wish to see a CVS or a Walgreens in the Short North. There’s a CVS not far away on Buttles and Neil.

  • Living and working on the edge of Downtown, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and optimism seeing all of the new announcements, construction and improvements.

    Also wondering if the hospital expansions have started to bring in new renters?

  • heresthecasey


    What happened to the big news that was supposed to come out yesterday?

  • Ran out of time on getting it finished. Give me until tomorrow or Monday. ;) Gotta get some sleep too.

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