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The Big Game Gallery Opens Pop-Up Art Shop Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Big Game Gallery Opens Pop-Up Art Shop Downtown
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A new pop-up retail space sprang up today at 34 North High Street in Downtown Columbus. The Big Game Gallery will be operational through the holiday season, selling paintings from local artists for as low as $25.

According to gallery representatives Adnan and Elvira Queder, the shop will keep regular weekday hours of 10am to 6pm through the holidays and may continue to operate as a gallery space beyond the holiday season if there is enough support for the space.

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  • cbus11

    Seems very inexpensive, will have to check out what they have.

  • I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer on this but the artwork in the photo looks very much like the kind of work you’d find at the starving artists sales.
    Just curious what local artists they are working with?

  • I didn’t get a chance to ask which artists were participating. They were in the process of moving in and setting up this morning and I didn’t want to get in the way too much. Will stop by and get more details soon unless someone else beats me to it and shares. ;)

  • heresthecasey

    This just seems weird. That’s not even a retail space, it’s a lobby. (Albeit to a presumably empty building, I am guessing).

  • I really hope those are reproductions or prints from local artists. Anything lower than $100 is barely making back supplies not to mention undermining pricing on original work.

  • leftovers

    May be related to these guys?


  • drawrobot – A sign advertising artwork for as low as $25 doesn’t mean that everything in the place is less than $100.

  • myliftkk

    Looks like a Prints Plus (remember those) knock-off to me.
    @leftovers – I would say it’s related or at least they’re sourcing wholesale from the same suppliers (comparing the paintings).
    ETA:  On further inspection of the hard to read banner in the window they must be the same, given the 50-70% gallery prices claim.  Of course, in reality, none of that work (mostly mass-produced giclees) would hang in a traditionally defined gallery.  Its similar to saying, “we sell jewelry at 50-70% off traditional jeweler prices… because we sell you 14k”.

  • leftovers

    Adnan and Elvira Queder are linked to Clearwater, Fl. So they are probably franchising it. 

    This place  is more representative of the ‘pop-up’ gallery that occasionally occurs in the parking lot off of Central Ave and Broad St. than anything you would find in the SN. If they told Walker that they are showing local artists then I hope someone asks for specifics.


    by calling this store a “gallery” you are embarrassing yourself & insulting real columbus artists. this is a furniture store. anyone looking for a picture to match their drapes & couch……….

    • It also was only there for a month or two IIRC. This post is from 2011.

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