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The Barrel and Bottle Coming to the North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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A new wine and beer shop called “The Barrel and Bottle” will be opening in November in the North Market to replace the recently closed Grapes of Mirth. Jen Burton and Collin Castore will be the owners and operators of the new venture.

“We want to focus on streamlining our inventory to a clean, good selection of traditional vs. newish wines that naturally follow trends,” said Burton. “We also want to have a great beer selection with lots of great American craft brews and Ohio and Columbus brews that we love.”

“We’ll be starting with around 250 wines 150 beers”, added Castore. “We’ll expand our wine selection a bit once we get a feel for what customers are looking for. The beer selection will rotate pretty regularly to feature new and seasonal products.”

The new space will be completely redesigned over the next two months to feature a new oak barrel-themed overhaul.

“We’re building some light fixtures out of reclaimed boubon barrels and carrying that theme throughout,” said Castore. “The space will be very open and easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.”

“Our pride and joy is going to be the ‘Green Jug’ program”, added Burton. “We are planning on implementing a reusable growler system and getting kegs of beer that aren’t going to be available in cans or bottles.”

A few related retail products will be available in the store as well, including corkscrews, bottle openers and books.

“We’re shooting for mid-November to be open, but everything right now depends upon approvals and permits,” said Castore. “Either way, we’re really excited about the new store and can’t wait to be a part of the North Market.”

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  • Castore’s one of the owners of Bodega. I wish them well as they have some deep footprints to fill.

  • I’m looking forward to the opening. Grapes of Mirth was always a special shop and I miss it.
    I hope that The B&B will be able to serve a draught or single so Market shoppers can openly enjoy a beer with their lunch.

  • vespamary

    Joe- unfortunately the North Market building itself does not have a permit except for those that we obtain during special events. So openly enjoying a beer with your lunch at any time except when we hold a permit is a risky proposition :) It’s best to stick to tasting within the shop which is legally authorized!

  • lizless

    Congrats to Collin & Jen, two of my favorite people in this town. I’m excited to check out the new digs, love the growler idea!

  • michaelcoyote

    Vespamary: I understand that the North Market has an option for just that kind of permit.  Is that true, and if so, what would you need to do to exercise that option?

  • rdlongbrake1

    You had me at ‘Growler’. Congrats and good luck!

  • catnfiddle

    I’ve been sad every time I’ve walked past that open space.  Having it filled with potent potables once more will be like repairing a broken tooth in North Market’s smile.  Sorry, I’ve been teaching literature all day.

  • 0Angle

    Welcome to the neighborhood!  AND Segura Viudas, please (and Gruet and Marc Hebrart and Aubry).

  • Andrew Hall

    I am glad there is a new operation going in and it looks quite interesting and dynamic. The growlers is a great idea and I look forward what else comes.

    I will be honest – I am disappointed that the NM has not taken this un-planned opportunity to meet the type of demand Joe articulated.


  • That would be great to have a nice beer with lunch at NM, or later at night. I always wondered why NM wasn’t open later I mean on Sat. it closes at 5pm. If anything it would be cool if they had some kind of night festival there on the weekend some time. Not complaining, I loooove the NM I just want more of it! YAY for this store though, looks really nice!

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