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The 2010 Columbus Summer Festival Season

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the summer festival season is quickly approaching. Whether you’re a fan of local art, ethnic foods, outdoor music or just looking for an excuse to do some “people watching” this summer, there’s a festival to fit just about anyone’s tastes.

Below is a list of summer festivals running from May through October in 2010. We’ll continue to update the list with festivals that either don’t have dates set yet or that we’ve accidentally left off the list. Either way, this should be a great start to help fill your weekends with fun events all summer long.

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  • Dear god.  A relatively broad and comprehensive list of events in Columbus in one location. What’s next, a tidal wave?

    Good work walker. We owe you thanks for being aware of cool stuff going on and reporting it regardless of your ad sales.

  • vestanpance

    nevermind I missed it

  • jannypie

    Could you please list the Eco-Chic Craftacular here? http://www.columbuscraftacular.com/
    Thanks for the great list!

  • Urbanboi

    Cant wait for PRIDE this year!!

  • There’s also the second annual Shadowbox Sketch Comedy Festival with original SNL member Garrett Morris on July 20 and 21.  More info here:

  • Added Eco-Chic & Shadowbox Sketch. Did I forget any others? :D

  • Awesome list there is so much to do this summer :D
    also Downtown Digital Arts Festival also

  • FADulous

    you also forgot (very understandably, though not for long) the second annual GO WEST in the 900 Block of West Broad Street, Franklinton.  Saturday, June 12, 4pm-9pm.  Live Music (organized by Columbus Music Coop), Beer Cart (courtesy of Magic Hat Brewery) and three gallery spaces.

  • gmcsoccer

    i love the summer…jazz and ribs really makes it for me

  • kcrissinger

    What about the Hilltop Bean Dinner?  It is 6/26 at Westgate park.

  • I can think of a couple more.

    37th Westerville Music and Arts Festival
    July 10 and 11

    Lazy Days of Summer Festival
    July 24

  • The Eco-Chic was really fun last year.I’m really looking forward to another great weekend :o)
    Also, I thought of another one.
    The Delaware Arts Festival
    May 15 and 16

  • JimSweeney

    Urban Scrawl?

  • I left Urban Scrawl off because I couldn’t find a date anywhere for 2010. Update that website! http://www.franklintonartsdistrict.org

  • lilbit

    The list keeps growing….

    African Village Arts Festival August 21st

    Canal Winchester Blues & RibsFest August 6-7

  • somertimeoh

    Urban Scrawl is August 28th.

  • RestaurantFan

    The 8th Annual Columbus Food & Wine Affair featuring over 300 international wines and 40 great restaurants will be held on Friday, September 24, 2010 at Franklin Park Conservatory.  This event benefits several community charities and provides scholarships for culinary and restaurant management students through the Central Ohio Restaurant Association Foundation.  http://www.foodandwineaffair.com

  • Geekfest @Wild Goose June 17, 18, 19
    BaconCamp Sept. 4
    Columbus Comedy Festival Sept 16, 17, 18

    This list makes me love CBus even more! Thanks, Walker!

  • lemond

    Celebrate the Arts at the 44th Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival, central Ohio’s one-day blind juried arts festival on Labor Day Monday September 6, 2010. The festival showcases 200 fine art and fine craft artists, music and dance, hands-on art activities for all ages, refreshments and more in a free alfresco interactive art space. Presented by the City of Upper Arlington’s Cultural Arts Division and Farmers Citizens Bank, this free temporary alfresco gallery and interactive art space is held in Northam Park, 2070 Northam Road, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • vespamary

    Grillmasters Festival
    North Market
    May 29-30

  • Thanks for the additions everyone! Keep em coming and we’ll keep adding them up top! :D

  • Yay summer festival season!

    And just to clarify, the Columbus Music Co-op is not involved with Go West….however, we are very excited to be partners for Urban Scrawl. We <3 Franklinton!

  • i wish i could update the website….. i guess i need to make a new one. go daddy wont let me log in anymore.

  • BpG

    This is relevant to my interests.

  • somertimeoh

    I wish there was a way to make a “sticky” of this.  It’s going to drop off soon and I’ll forget it exists.  Columbus events gCal anyone?!?  I know the idea was being tossed around of a “big picture” calendar.  I’d love if it could actually get done and stay updated.  That would be great for event planning AND attendance.

  • You can always bookmark it. ;)

  • lilbit

    Experience Columbus has an events calendar that is searchable by category (and “Festivals” is a category.)

  • Great list!

    I keep hearing rumors of some music festival happening on or around June 5th that’s reggea and hip hop related.  If I get the in stone proof I’ll post something. 

  • EdWedig

    You may want to include Origins Game Fair, June 23rd-27th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  It brings in 15,000-20,000 people, with tons of games and events for everyone.  originsgamefair.com

  • rhoke39

    Could you also add “Asparafest!” ?
    June 6


    Thanks Walker!

  • BpG

    So how about the websites with no facebook links get with the times?

    Thanks K Bai

  • Asparafest!: The Event. The Film. The Food. by Wild Goose Creative! June 6 at 5PM

  • Added Origins and Asparafest! :D

  • JT5284

    the fairfield county fair is the best in the state, great food variety, games and animals.  it runs from October 10-16

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