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A suburb of southeast Columbus, Whitehall was incorporated in 1947− the same year, Town & Country, the nation’s first regional shopping center, opened there. After World War II, the demand for housing by returning veterans gave rise to residential construction that still appeals to young families.

Airport Taskforce Calls for Multimodal Transit, Development District

Walker Evans Walker Evans Airport Taskforce Calls for Multimodal Transit, Development District

More direct flights. A multimodal transit hub. An economic development district. And sustainability. Those are the four key recommendations announced this morning after a year-long study conducted by the JET Task Force — a group of stakeholders brought together to study potential enhancements to Port Columbus. While the group officially revealed these priorities today, work […]


Whitehall Announces 35-Acre Business Development

Walker Evans Walker Evans Whitehall Announces 35-Acre Business Development

The City of Whitehall is located immediately south of Port Columbus, which is incredibly convenient for residents. City officials want to make it a lot more convenient for businesses as well. An announcement was made today jointly by The Whitehall Development Department and the Whitehall Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) that 35 acres of the city’s […]


Restaurant Review: Daft Burger

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Daft Burger

Daft Burger is in Whitehall, and it sells burgers with topping options that include dates, gorgonzola cheese and sriracha sauce. That was the extent of the personal expectations for the joint. So, it came as a shock when Daft Burger inspired crazy, down-home love. First of all, in spite of the odd topping offerings, Daft […]


Whitehall Neighborhood Investment Celebrated

Walker Evans Walker Evans Whitehall Neighborhood Investment Celebrated

Local civic leaders gathered in Whitehall today to celebrate the ripple effect of over $2.1 million in federal neighborhood stabilization and community development funds in the City of Whitehall. Since 2009, Franklin County has directed funding through the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) to projects in Whitehall that has let to new affordable housing and […]

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At Home: In Whitehall

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Dustin and Afton Holfinger had been searching the Near East and East Side of Columbus for nearly a year for their new home. Then they decided to expand their search to Whitehall. It was a neighborhood that they really hadn’t considered before or knew much about. “The thing about the house that really attracted us […]


Baja Sol Launches Baja Joe’s Concept in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Last summer, Baja Sol set up shop in Columbus with three locations, two of which took over former Don Pablo’s restaurant spaces. On September 7th, the Minneapolis-based company will use Columbus as the launching ground of a new concept restaurant called Baja Joe’s, which will serve a mix of Mexican and American cuisine in the […]


Whitehall looking for new ways to make a comeback

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From The Dispatch: Whitehall just wants a little respect back By Elizabeth Gibson Whitehall city officials have tried before to recapture a glimmer of a bygone era, including launching a marketing campaign that never completely took off for the city’s golden anniversary in 1997. They gathered again last week to consider how to improve the […]


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