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Restaurant Review: Short North Deli

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Short North Deli

When the news broke that a traditional deli was making its way to the Short North, there was much celebration. While the zone seems to have ample taco, Italian and Cameron Mitchell options, deli fare is less well-represented. Enter Short North Deli. It’s a pretty non-nonsense, streamlined operation, with a big, open kitchen, order counter, […]


Restaurant Review: Poke Bros. – Downtown Edition

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Poke Bros. – Downtown Edition

For eateries, visits from reviewers can be a source of stress. Personal practice has always been to keep visits incognito, creating less stress and also an experience that should be similar to the experiences of other diners. You know what’s more stressful than a visit from a reviewer? A visit from the Health Department. The […]

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Restaurant Review: Latitude 41

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Latitude 41

About a decade ago, a couple of chef-driven restaurants hit Columbus, and they hit it hard. Latitude 41, by Chef Dean James Max, and Rosedale’s, by Richard Rosedale, opened up shops Downtown and in the Short North, respectively (in September of 2006 and then March of 2007, also respectively). Recollection can be flawed, and recollection […]

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Short Order: Explorers Club Jerk Chicken Tacos

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Explorers Club Jerk Chicken Tacos

While food trucks are pretty much year-round operations in Columbus these days, they’re much more visible now that warmer weather has arrived. Explorers Club is a mobile operation that used to be a beloved, Latin-influenced, Merion Village restaurant. The brick-and-mortar operation closed a while back, but its truck makes regular appearances at Zauber Brewing, as […]

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Restaurant Review: Cosecha Cocina

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Cosecha Cocina

Cosecha Cocina is the new kid on the block in Italian Village. Serving from a menu based on tex-mex favorites, it’s a departure from the fare typically associated with its well-known Harvest Pizzeria kin. While artisanal pizza is not on the menu, plenty of happiness can be found in tacos and chips. And if that’s […]

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Restaurant Review: Flowers & Bread

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Flowers & Bread

There are a whole lot of women inside of Flowers & Bread. You park in the back, follow a winding ramp to the front of the building, open the door, and there they are: a wall of women. Every table is occupied with women. All women. Only women. They’re nice looking people, well-heeled it seems. […]

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Restaurant Review: Veranico

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Veranico

Market 65 has produced a doppelgänger in Veranico that is already drawing large crowds in the Arena District. You wouldn’t necessarily expect the same concept to go over like gangbusters, given that it’s only a mile from the original. But you know, two spots make the eating scene twice as nice. Visitors at Veranico will […]

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