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Tourism Contributes $8.7 Billion to Columbus Economy

Walker Evans Walker Evans Tourism Contributes $8.7 Billion to Columbus Economy

Columbus doesn’t have mountains, oceans or internationally known landmarks, but that doesn’t mean that tourists are non-existent in our city. In fact, Experience Columbus released a report yesterday that highlights the fact that economic impact from visitor spending is up 11% in the past two years to a grand total of $8.7 billion, generated by […]

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200Columbus Wrap-up: The Bicentennial Celebration

Walker Evans Walker Evans 200Columbus Wrap-up: The Bicentennial Celebration

On January 1st, the 200Columbus bicentennial celebration officially ended, but the spirit of the program was designed to live on. We caught up with bicentennial organizers Jamie Green, Mike Brown and Sarah Bongiorno to find out their thoughts on how well the various 200Columbus events were attended, how the message of collaboration was received and […]

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200Columbus Celebrates Our City in 2012

Walker Evans Walker Evans 200Columbus Celebrates Our City in 2012

If you weren’t aware that the City of Columbus is turning 200 years old in 2012, then you’re either a brand new resident or you’ve been living under a rock. But what exactly is being planned for our bicentennial celebration has been a bit more hazy and is only just now starting to be revealed. […]


Mike Brown Heads to Experience Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

After serving for two years as Mayor Coleman’s Urban Ventures Coordinator, “Downtown” Mike Brown is relinquishing that title and heading to Experience Columbus to serve as their new Director of Development & Public Affairs, beginning on April 26th. “I’ll be doing a lot of strategic planning for the region and working as a liaison between […]


Planning Downtown for the Future with Mike Brown

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The 2002 Strategic Business Plan set the stage for a lot of the urban development we see taking shape today. The plan called for new residential buildings Downtown, greenspace improvements, and other types of public and private-sector growth. The first of three public meetings (event info can be found here) will take place on March […]


Alive’s 2009 People to Watch

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive unveiled the 2009 Edition of their “People to Watch” series today, and the line-up includes twelve locals with a variety of backgrounds. The lineup includes Urban Ventures Coordinator Mike Brown, the guys at Central City Recording, CYP Founder Derek Grosso, Assistant City Auditor Megan Kilgore, Urban Spirit owner Charity Martin-Via, Avitae CEO Brian […]


Downtown Mike Brown: Urban Ventures Coordinator

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Downtown Mike Brown By John Ross June 5, 2008 Since Jan. 1, 2000, the mayor’s first day in City Hall, Mike Brown has been his communication director. And as a mouthpiece, a last line of defense, Brown was good. He’s knowledgeable about Columbus and savvy enough to offer just enough opinion — […]


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