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Restaurant Review: Pat and Gracie’s

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Pat and Gracie’s

Pat and Gracie’s doesn’t seem like the sort of place to open in a super-sized shopping center. With its deep woodsy tones, it feels more like a Downtown or Short North sort of stop. Instead, it’s pioneering a place for itself in Graceland Shopping Center, near a Michael’s Crafts and across a ginormous parking lot […]


Restaurant Review: Sandman’s Cheesesteak

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Sandman’s Cheesesteak

Although the eatery’s grand opening wasn’t exactly highly anticipated, the lines outside Sandman’s Cheesesteak tell a different story. The trail of humanity queued up in an Arena District alley is rather attention getting; attention-getting enough to inspire a meticulously-timed 11am visit, so as to avoid the rush. According to the joint’s website, the cheesesteak operation […]


J. Gumbo’s Closes Downtown Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans J. Gumbo’s Closes Downtown Location

After seven years in business, J. Gumbo’s has closed its doors at 31 East Gay Street as of last week. The Louisville Kentucky-based franchise location was first opened by Chad McCoury in 2009, and was sold to Fred Baughman last year. Baughman told Columbus Underground several months ago that he was interested in relocating the business […]

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Restaurant Review: Hot Chicken Kitchen

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Hot Chicken Kitchen

Hot Chicken Kitchen set up camp for its prototype on Hilliard Rome Road, just spitting distance from a KFC, Chick-Fil-A, and a BW-3. It seems as if the land of the strip mall has it all in the chicken department. Perhaps now, with a fourth poultry joint, there will be enough chicken to satisfy everyone. […]

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Lunch Review: Cafe Phenix

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Lunch Review: Cafe Phenix

First of all, it uses the French spelling. Let’s get that out of the way immediately, because the lack of “o” has potential to be distracting for grammar nerds (guilty). Cafe Phenix (without the o) set up shop Downtown on Gay street a couple of weeks ago. It offers all sorts of stuff. There’s an […]

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Restaurant Review: Schokko Art Café at CMA

 Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Schokko Art Café at CMA

The view from the Cameron Mitchell project inside the Columbus Museum of Art is really nice. That’s probably to be expected: certainly, an art gallery would do things right in the aesthetics department. Still, Schokko is almost breathtaking, hypnotic; braced by a wall of windows that opens to a lush lawn with a giant naked […]

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Community Grounds Plans to Open Parsons Avenue Cafe This Spring

Walker Evans Walker Evans Community Grounds Plans to Open Parsons Avenue Cafe This Spring

The project has taken a bit longer than expected, but Parsons Avenue on the South Side will finally gain a new coffee shop this year with the opening of Community Grounds. Founder Joel Cosme Jr. first told us about the concept back in August 2014, but a change in plans is shifting the cafe two […]


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