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Redeye Rides Offers Designated Driver Transportation Option

Walker Evans Walker Evans Redeye Rides Offers Designated Driver Transportation Option

Alternative transportation options have been rapidly expanding in Columbus in the past 12 months, and a new startup company is looking to break into that market with a unique angle centered upon safe late night service. Redeye Rides is a new venture from Matthew Lanning that aims to provide last-call service for bar patrons looking to […]


Best Drink of 2008: Pretty Much Everything

Walker Evans Walker Evans

What happens when you mix one part “subjective survey question” with one part “unlimited answers”? Well, you end up no real clear winner in our category of Best Drink of 2008. Although one thing is for sure… people in Columbus sure do like to drink. In 2006, Forbes ranked Columbus as the Third Drunkest City […]


Andy Dick’s wild weekend in Columbus


Comedian Andy Dick was in Columbus this past weekend for a booking at Easton’s The Funny Bone (which was canceled). Instead the comedian apparently went out for a wild night out on the town at Axis and Union Cafe and local patrons sent the scandalous pictures to Internet gossip queen and VH1 personality Perez Hilton […]


Forbes Ranks Columbus as Third Drunkest City

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Next time you tell someone that Columbus is a “drinking town” you can say it with real meaning, since Forbes has recently ranked us third out of the major watering-hole cities of the US. The only two cities ranked higher than us are Milwaukee and Minneapolis-St. Paul. We scored very highly in their “Heavy Drinkers” […]


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