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Support the Local Businesses that Support CU

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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ColumbusUnderground.com is made possible by the financial support of local businesses who purchase advertising through our advertising network. We’re grateful for their investment in Columbus Underground, because without them, none of this would be possible.

If you’re a fan of Columbus Underground, we encourage you to support the local businesses who have advertised with us. A full list of our supporters can be found here: Support the Businesses that Support Us

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  • pez

    Amen. And it wouldn’t hurt to thank the owner or manager for supporting the CU community. Hitting up Montgomery Inn the coming weekend, I wouldn’t even have thought of it if the banner didn’t remind me that I haven’t been yet.

  • ja

    Are CU advertisers looking to terminate their advertisements for financial reasons or lack of CU patrons?

  • Neither. This list was created after being inspired by a comment CU user turnedNOTburned made about a month ago: “For those of us who benefit from CU, lets buy adspace and shop the advertisers who do. Keep it growing…”

  • cc

    why aren’t the bronze ones hyperlinked?

  • Parker

    I like this idea. We should be shopping local anyway and having a list is a good place to start (or continue).

  • patient_zero

    I can’t seem to find a working website for Life Epicurean:
    It opens up to one of those Go Daddy sites. Do you have another website for them?

  • Makes sense. Thanks for the heads up. I just pumped some money into the Laptop Guy, and I think I can do the same with the North Market.

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