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SoHud Community Mural Project Unveiled

Walker Evans Walker Evans SoHud Community Mural Project Unveiled
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Over the past few months, Wild Goose Creative has been spearheading a community mural project to replace the graffiti-covered building located on the southwest corner of Summit and Hudson.

A design for the mural submitted by Tim Lai Architect was selected and accepted last week by the community group leading this initiative. The design features an array of tree silhouettes, masking the former urban blight with a rendering of nature.

“We had a wonderful turn out at our community meeting on June 28th and had lots of great discussion about the creative entries that had been submitted,” said Elizabeth Dekker, Curator and General Manager at Wild Goose Creative. “The general feeling was that Tim’s design was striking, unusual, and encompassed the innovative and creative spirit of the neighborhood in which the mural will live.”

The next steps include the fine-tuning of the design and collaborating with a professional mural artist to execute the design.

“Tim wants to create something really simple and different,” said Eliza Ho, Principal and Communications Director at Tim Lai Architect. “Trees —and by extension nature— are of universal appeal. Glen Echo Ravine and the tree-lined streets in Glen Echo are also a part of the inspiration.”

Wild Goose Creative is still seeking volunteers, donations and financial support from anyone interested in helping out with this project.

“We are aiming for the mural to be finished by the end of the Summer, but to make that deadline, we will need a great deal of community support,” said Dekker.

More updates can be found online at SoHudMural.com.

Additional rendering and detail images below, courtesy of Tim Lai Architect.

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  • cc

    “The design features an array of tree silhouettes, masking the former urban blight with a rendering of nature.”

    It is much better than what is there now, and it has already forced me to contemplate it. The more murals the merrier.

  • Emar Tino

    I like the stylized silhouettes, and I salute the effort to do something unique, but as rendered it looks like the partitions they put up at malls or construction sights to sheild passers-by from seeing the construction site.  It doesn’t appear to say anything about the neighborhood, except maybe that the neighborhood is ugly and should be hidden behind a hedge of trees. 

  • cc

    That is my take also. It is a bit of a stilted take on ‘nature’. I think the bar has been set high by the murals in the Short North and KLD.

  • kglenn

    I love Columbus’ murals, and I love that we’re seeing more of them.  Yay for public art.
    I do like how it looks, but I agree that if it told a story, or looked a little less like wallpaper (though very pretty), I’d be more excited.
    I DON’T like the “SoHud” moniker though.  My husband and I affectionately refer to our neighborhood as HONC (“Honk”) — Historic Old North Columbus.  Honc honc!

  • This is certainly an improvement and I’m in favor of it over not doing anything.  Shame we can’t bust up a tiny bit of the sidewalk and plant real trees there instead.
    Would love to see something covering the side of the parking garage above the Ohio Theater side of Columbus Commons.  Even better than a mural would be a small planter box added with a perennial ivy covering a wire mesh.  Provides a bit of texture, beauty, air filtration and could even use some diverted storm water from the roof to the planter box.  Saw a good bit of this going on during a recent trip to Portland, OR so I know it can be done.  Maybe that can be integrated into the changes when they add the stage.

  • Ezmerelda74

    I too love the idea of a makeover for this eyesore of the area.  Unfortunately I’m not terribly inspired by the proposed mural.  Not being artistic, I have no significant suggestions, but enjoying art I can say this is very bland – in the “Don’t look at me” kind of way!  I agree with your description, Emar Tino!  Come to think of it, as businesses disappeared from City Center, weren’t their silhouettes of trees put up in the empty store fronts?

  • Emar Tino

    Yes, Ezmerelda74, I think City Center did use tree images on the partitions placed in front of the empty storefronts.  Makes me think that this block is closed for business.

  • Hello, all! Please help us reach our goal on Kickstarter in order to get the mural completed! Every little bit helps! :)

  • Mural priming starts this morning at 9 – please come join us as we transform the neighborhood!

  • Time

    Saturday, September 10 · 9:30am 12:30pm

    SoHud Community Mural Wall

    ForSoHud Community Mural Project

    More Info
    Join us to put the final touches to our beautiful mural and have a hand in bringing it to completion. We’ll have bagels, donuts, and coffee, and plenty of paint and brushes. This event is open to all ages, so bring the whole family to help complete our community mural!
  • So is this mural now complete?

    I wasn’t that fond of the winning proposal both because it was awarded to a group that couldn’t even paint the rendering themselves and it was a very off the shelf look. That said I can’t tell outside of tree silhouettes how the mural is a duplicate of the design itself and much of the paint work seems very thin and splotchy from a glance. The rendering shows transparencies and depth to the silhouettes. Many of the finite details of the leaves and tree types just don’t translate that well in the implimented version. For all the money invested I sure hope it stands the test of time although I don’t think now that I drive by it often that it improved that much visually in the area. The building with boarded up windows and splotchy paintjob to the immediate west now stands out far worse than it did before. I’m always glad to see new public art hit the community streets, but I also like to see folks get their moneys worth that spend this much effort on a project.

  • Tim Lai Architect has some photos of it posted on their Facebook page:


  • This was hit with graffiti over the holidays and I saw a re-painting party is scheduled for this Saturday, Jan 19th at 1pm. Come in painting clothes if you’d like to help. Materials are being provided.

  • Eliza Ho

    Thank you so much for posting, Anne! The Tree Mural was defaced on Christmas Eve, and the damaged area is rather big. About 12 tress and some donors’ names will need repair. We have begun the restoration in early January, and figured out to use the grid method to repair the tress. This Saturday, Jan 19, we’re gathering neighbors and public art supporters to finish the repair work. No high artistic skill is needed. Basically, each person will paint one grid at a time, and photos of the original trees will be provided. Participants just need to trace out the tree shades, and it’s actually a lot of fun to see tree re-appear.

    Check out some of the pictures how we repair the trees at https://www.facebook.com/groups/162333857155060/

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