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Smith Bros’ Hardware Building May Add Rooftop Patio Event Venue

Walker Evans Walker Evans Smith Bros’ Hardware Building May Add Rooftop Patio Event VenueRenderings by Architectural Alliance.
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The Dock 580 event venue adjacent to the Smith Bros’ Hardware Building already has one of the best skyline views of Downtown Columbus, but the building’s owners plan to kick that up a notch if they can gain approval to build out a rooftop patio on top of the iconic six-story structure.

“The two Dock 580 venues have been so popular that we have been looking around town for another venue,” explained Todd Kemmerer, Principle at Capitol Equities and owner of Smith Bros’. “Rooftops are so popular across the country that we think it will be a perfect fit for Smith Bros’ if we can get it approved.”

Kemmerer, who previously served as President of the Columbus Landmarks Foundation, said that they’re sensitive to the historic nature of the building, and confirmed that the low profile of the rooftop addition shouldn’t detract from the current look of the building. Capitol Equities first worked to restore the building in 1997, repairing extensive damage from a fire in 1994, and plans for a rooftop addition date back to those original renovations.

“We put stanchions in the top floor to support a deck area way back in 1997, and here we are 19 years later,” said Kemmerer, noting that the proposed plans are more elaborate than what was originally envisioned in the late nineties.

The proposed project will get its first conceptual review by the Downtown Commission during the January 26th meeting. If constructed as planned, the 12,000 square foot rooftop venue would include 8,920 square feet of banquet hall space along with a new kitchen and bathrooms. The banquet hall would feature a retractable glass roof and walls that could open up in fair weather to a view of the Downtown skyline.

For more information, visit www.capitolequities.com and www.dock580.com.

All renderings by Architectural Alliance.



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  • WJT

    Sounds like a cool idea and it doesn’t look like it will change the look much, especially from ground level. It is not like anyone is going to really be hovering over it like in those renders.

  • mbeaumont

    Seems like a no-brainer.

  • As someone who’s been planning a lot more events lately, adding a new 9,000 square foot venue to the Downtown area sounds great. Proper event spaces of that size are few and far between Downtown. I have to imagine they’ll have no trouble booking it up for events year-round.

  • MichaelC

    Yup, this is going to do very, very well.

  • ohbr

    SO much better than a bunch of electronic signs. I wouldn’t mind seeing them possibly expand in to the restaurant side maybe a few nights of the week or something. I would love to take advantage of this on a date night that doesn’t mean I have to be invited to a private event.

  • Denny C

    outstanding- will be a great success with the right operator.

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