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Six-Story Condo Building Proposed for Pearl Street in Italian Village

Brent Warren Brent Warren Six-Story Condo Building Proposed for Pearl Street in Italian VillagePhoto by Walker Evans.
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Borror Properties has proposed a 13-unit, six-story condo building for 848 North Pearl Street, the current site of a one-story industrial building. The proposed building would sit just north of the Hubbard parking garage and across Prescott Street from another Borror project; the recently-approved, four-story Prescott and Pearl apartment building.

Jeff Baur of Borror Properties said that while the design is still very conceptual, they are excited by the possibility of a modern, glass structure that would house high-end condominiums. He said that they have already met with neighbors on Prescott, and are on the September agenda of the Italian Village Society. The project will go before the Italian Village Commission on August 19th for a conceptual review.

Baur said that their recent experience of going through the approval process for the Prescott on Pearl project has given them a good idea of what concerns the neighborhood may have.

“We certainly understand the expectations better,” he said, adding that he thinks a number of factors – like the low unit count, the high-end nature of the development, and the plan to provide two parking spaces for each condo – will combine to lessen the impact on the adjacent residential area.

The site falls within the boundary established by the Short North Design Guidelines, a 2011 document adopted by the city to guide future development along High Street. Both the Victorian Village and Italian Village commissions have traditionally approved higher-density development for projects falling within the boundary.

Parkside on Pearl – a nearby Wood Companies project that ran into neighborhood objections but was eventually approved – also falls within the Short North Design Guidelines boundary.

Baur said that they look forward to hearing from the neighborhood, and “working through the process with them… we expect this to be a three, four, or five month process.”

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  • I use to work in that building. it was a cremation and embalming services center part of the O’shaughnessy group. I hope the new residents of the building don’t get a creepy poltergeistish vibes. hah!

    • stephentszuter

      LOL this is perfect.

  • surber17

    Explains the zero windows! :)

  • Jason Powell

    We all know it won’t end up at 6 stories though.

    • Heh. As soon as Brent found out about this yesterday I joked that Borror’s neighboring Prescott & Pearl development started as 5-stories and was scaled down to 4, which means that they likely want to build a 5-story building here, so they’re starting out by asking for 6 stories. ;)

      Sort of like when you want to sell a used car for $5000, so you start off asking for $8000 and allowing the buyer to talk you down to $5000. ;)

  • Jason Powell

    I seriously think that every proposal within one block of High is based on that same mindset. Parkside at Pearl, Hubbard Park Place, Fireproof, The Joseph, even the Jackson on High have all been scaled down from the original proposals.

  • chupicabraz

    Jason Powell, I think you are on to something. This is a reflection of the commission process. Developer’s don’t feel they will get what they are asking for, so the strategy is to over-ask and negotiate back to what they really want.

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