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Sideswipe Brewing Now Open for Business

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Sideswipe Brewing Now Open for Business
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Craig O’Herron is a black-belt martial artist who, years ago, switched his attention from punching competitors in the face to making beers that deliver blows to your palate. His new venture Sideswipe Brewing, located at 2419 Scioto Harper Drive, is a 1,500 square-foot operation that produces 150 gallons of premium brew at a time on a double-batch 3 bbl system.

There are three brews currently being crafted: the Elegant Hoodlum Smoke Stout, a full-bodied beer, the Fisticuffs IPA, hoppy and well-balanced, and the Coop Looter Saison, which is an earthy Belgian Ale. Seasonal beers are already in the works, and customers can expect to see bottles in retail stores, as well as bars and restaurants all across the city, within the next month.

In the not too distant future, look for O’Herron to begin kegging and offering homebrew classes to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. He even has hopes of adding a taproom as well, running his own Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

“I’ve been honing my recipes over many years and I think consumers will be pleased with the quality and variety of craft beers Sideswipe Brewing will offer,” says O’Herron on his new venture. “Being in close proximity to Grandview is a plus given the thriving craft beer scene developing in that neighborhood.”

For more on Sideswipe Brewing’s menu of beers, visit www.sideswipebrewing.com.

Photo by Pam Reece.

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  • Rhododendron

    A clear glass growler concerns me…

  • Eugene_C

    @Rhododendron: If you’re leaving the beer in the growler long enough for light to affect it, then you’re doing it wrong! ;)

  • Rhododendron

    Eugene, light affects beer (especially hoppy beer) very, very quickly. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about a simple car ride home from the brewery resulting in a less than stellar beer. I’d be curious as to what benefits Sideswipe sees to using clear growlers.

  • UrbanPlanner2112

    Problem solved:

    KegWorks Insulated Beer Growler Bag:


  • Rob Herron

    @Rhododendron: You’re incorrect, with all due respect. UV light takes some time to negatively effect beer. This is a total non-issue with short term growler fills. Growlers shouldn’t be stored longer than a week.

    If you want to ask Craig why he chooses clear growlers, make sure you ask the likes of Barleys, Buckeye Lake, Great Lakes, Bells, etc..

  • Rhododendron

    Rob, surely we can agree that light affects beer, brown glass blocks some of that light and clear glass does not.

    Certainly the time it takes varies from beer to beer and depends on a lot of other small factors. It’s been argued in a million different ways across a lot of different platforms. I’m simply saying that I would prefer to not take the risk. I would hate to get stuck in traffic on 71 for an hour on a sunny summer day and have to worry about having a blanket handy to cover my growler.

    As for the breweries you listed: last I was at Great Lakes their growlers were brown glass and Bell’s hasn’t even finished building their growler system yet (though they have released a picture of their flip top brown glass growler). I haven’t seen Barley’s or Buckeye Lake but the question of why they chose clear glass growlers would still stand. I’m not trying to single out Sideswipe.

    Also, if you think pointing out that others use clear in some way validates your argument…well, there’s a lot more who do the opposite.

  • BuckeyeBeerGuy

    @Rob. It’s true. Hoppy beers turn to swill as soon as the light hits them. That’s why hoppy beers like Double and Imperial IPAs are always served in brown tulip glasses during the day.

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