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Sidebar Restaurant Coming Soon to Downtown Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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According to a blog update at DaytonDailyNews.com, the Sidebar restaurant located in Dayton’s Oregon Historic District will be expanding to Downtown Columbus this summer and opening a second location in the former Brownstone space at 122 E. Main Street.

According to their website, Sidebar serves “Mediterranean-style small plate tapas, with a South American influence”. They also feature unique and classic cocktails.

The new restaurant is planning for a mid-July opening and will feature a menu similar to the one at their Dayton location. The four-story Brownstone building will house the restaurant, private event space and an art gallery.

More information can be found at DaytonDailyNews.com.

Photos below are from Sidebar410.com:

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  • Urbanboi

    Very nice! Main Street has alot of great new retailers..I wonder if they are going to do improvements to the street anytime soon..maybe make it 2 way and do something like Gay Street.

  • Cobra McJingleballs

    Looks very promising. It will be nice to have something good at this price point when I feel like splurging a little more than DF’s or Little Palace b/c  Jury Room is just not getting it done for me.

  • cc

    Agreed -the Jury Room does seem a bit contrived. I hope this works out. Presentation is world’s apart. +1 for Sidebar.

  • Buster Bluth

    Those pictures are incredible. Now I’m hungry.. :(

  • futureman

    I’ll be interested to see how they handle the fact this building has four stories. The building appears to be in great shape too as the  previous owner, the brownstone, did renovations recently so the build-out won’t be too costly. This would lower the cost of opening the restaurant and hopefully give them a better chances of succeeding.

  • Mike Brown

    That is a great space.  Looking forward to seeing it come back to life.

  • davidhunegnaw

    Toured the building yesterday, some pretty exciting changes happening to the space!

  • Main Street could really use this shot in the arm. A multi-story restaurant/event space could bring some much needed foot traffic back to this area. I’ve often thought that Main could highly benefit from a two-way conversion and street-scaping similar to Gay Street from the Main Street Bridge to Grant. Lots of opportunity for retail development through that corridor.

  • gocubsgo

    I’ve been to the Sidebar in Dayton this past fall and enjoyed it. The food was good and was reasonably proced from what I remember.

  • downtownguy81

    Sounds great. Can’t wait.  I’d love for Main St to pick up.  It’s a great location close to the park.  Great place to dine before/after concerts and picnic with the pops. I’ve been waiting for a mediterranean restaurant downtown.. I love Aladdin’s and Lavash, but driving out to Clintonville isn’t always convenient.

  • osulew

    That food photography is so unappetizing, BUT I’m psyched for something to go in that space. I always thought the old Brownstone was such a cool building. More development in that area is rad.

  • It’ll be nice to have some first floor northside neighbors again. :)
    We’ve been lucky to have 2 pretty unique establishments in that space in recent memory (Out on Main and Brownstone) and it looks like we’ll have a third.

  • Yes, very eager to have the new destination restaurant, it will be great for the area. This southern side of downtown has so much to offer. I would also love to see a well manicured boulevard to complement the neighborhood.

  • michaelcoyote

    They’ve got Michael Rubel from The Violet Hour in Chicago helping them with cocktails.  Looks great.

  • I had a phenomenal experience and dinner at the Sidebar restaurant. From the minute I walked in the door the greeting and atmosphere was fantastic. The server Mark knew the menu and food description as well as I know diamonds I was very impressed! From the appetizers and meal to the dessert the presentation was extra special.
    I am grateful and please to say this great venue will be opening just across the street from me here in Columbus.
    I will return soon!

  • ShnWlz

    Any update as to when Sidebar Columbus will be opening?  It is about three months ‘behind schedule’ at this point…

  • I just heard that this place should be opening on Monday. ;) Fingers crossed that it’s for real!

  • Awnings are up this morning the exterior looks awesome which complements the inside space. Monday is the day!

  • Mitchel

    What no Pisco Sours on the menu?  Shame but the rest looks amazing

  • Sidebar just across the street is officially open, tonight is the soft opening.

  • Awesome, thanks for the update! :D

  • carson1221

    Just went there for dinner tonight and for not being “officially” open it was packed. The portions are small but they are tapas so that’s to be expected. The hummus and pita offered complimentary before dinner was something i would have paid for had it not been free. The atmosphere evokes a certain amount of energy and fun. I can’t wait to see what they do with all four stories!

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