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Shooting Outside of Red Zone on Sat Night (Sun Morning)

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Was anyone there when this happened?


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  • columbus_local

    doubtful, as this is their ghetto hip hop night

  • gramarye

    Brrrr. I was just there on Friday night.

    Great club, but somewhat rough neighborhood … steps from juvy and county courthouse, and lots of desolate parking lots, garages, self-serve storage facilities, etc. for several blocks in any direction. It’s an incredibly quick walk from the heart of downtown to the club, but the visual/psychological gap there is really chilling.

  • Walker

    gramarye wrote Great club, but somewhat rough neighborhood …

    Rough neighborhood? I wouldn’t even call it any kind of neighborhood. No one lives anywhere near the RedZone. At night it’s surrounded by closed businesses and empty parking lots.

    I highly doubt the shooter lived anywhere near there. Anyone can take a gun anywhere, no matter what the neighborhood is like.

  • Columbusite

    columbus_local wrote doubtful, as this is their ghetto hip hop night

    Oh, thanks for reminding me about a topic I was going to post…

  • gramarye

    I stand by saying that the environment still has an effect. Yes, the nearest residences are probably actually Waterford and Miranova, but those certainly haven’t rubbed off on the neighborhood. Miranova in particular is more like a glittering monastery than a community anchor.

    I’m a big believer in the “broken windows” effect.

  • Walker

    gramarye wrote I’m a big believer in the “broken windows” effect.

    I know what you mean, and that is certainly reflected in a lot of shady neighborhoods in every city, but for this club in this spot at this time, it sounds like the problem more likely stemmed from the violence (sadly) embedded in hip-hop culture. If you’re REALLY into music and culture that sacralizes guns, then why not take your own gun to a cultural event? It only makes sense. (Disclaimer: I’m not trying to say that everyone into hip-hop is violent, or that all hip-hop music is violent, but sadly some individuals think this way.)

    All I’m saying is that if the Red Zone was closed this night you could have fired a cannon down the street and it wouldn’t have hit anyone and no one would have cared. If you’re going to call it a shady neighborhood, you might as well call the middle of a cornfield a shady neighborhood. There is NO ONE there.

  • gramarye

    you might as well call the middle of a cornfield a shady neighborhood. There is NO ONE there.

    You haven’t been to many cornfields in my neck of the woods. :wink: From answering the call of nature to holding certain nocturnal festivities far from prying eyes and sensitive ears, cornfields have all kinds of uses aside from the growing of corn. 8)

    Point taken, however. The real question is this: do you believe this would have happened had RedZone been in the middle of Upper Arlington or Dublin? Possibly, but generally, such incidents are rarer there, despite the fact that those northwest side neighborhoods do harbor certain establishments of adult entertainment that one might think would attract a certain nefarious ilk–especially were they located where RedZone is at the moment.

    Put Kahoots where RedZone is now and I think it’s a lot more of a problem. Put RedZone where Kahoots is now and I think it’s less of one. Of course, neither would ever be trouble-free; such is the nature of the beast. I’m just going on gut feelings and a little bit of hobbyist social psychology, but that’s my gut take on the matter.

  • Walker

    gramarye wrote Point taken, however. The real question is this: do you believe this would have happened had RedZone been in the middle of Upper Arlington or Dublin?

    I think it would be more likely at the Red Zone in UA or Dublin on a hip-hop night than downtown at the Red Zone on a non hip-hop night. There have been several shootings at the Red Zone and other downtown clubs in the past few years and I can’t recall a single one of them not being on a hip-hop night. I think it’s just more of a cultural problem than a geographical problem in this instance.

    If we were comparing a hip-hop club in UA or Dublin to a hip-hop club maybe down on Parsons or up in the shady area on Cleveland Avenue, then sure, location has a LOT to do with it. I just don’t think a club on the south end of downtown where there is NO residential units and NO businesses open at night (other than a single gas station) is really that big of a crime haven. You take away the crowd at the club that night, and you’ve taken away the problem.

  • columbus_local

    we all have issues playing hip hop/top 40 any side of town. There are fights in Gahanna, UA, downtown, ALWAYS at the end of the night. You get drunk frat wannabe boys, and shit, i’ve even seen girls in the back of cruisers at A.C. at the end of the night a few times. But seems that the majority definitely happen downtown.

  • Walker

    More night-time bar violence… this one on campus (not downtown)…


  • columbus_local


  • Walker

    Here’s another nightclub shooting, also not downtown.

    Police Investigate Shooting At ‘The Continent’

    Man Shot In Leg

    UPDATED: 7:48 pm EDT October 29, 2005

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police were investigating a disturbance at a north side nightclub that sent a man to the hospital.

    Three special duty police officers responded to a report of a disturbance in a parking lot off Busch Boulevard in The Continent, NBC 4′s Barbra Flannigan reported.

    Police said that shots were fired while police were at the scene, and a bystander was struck in the leg. The bystander, who was not identified, was transported to Riverside Methodist Hospital and was in stable condition, Flannigan reported.



    we’ve had fights a Bentos…even on our night…and I think it has nothing to do with it being Black or white (fuck the PC and lets be real, that’s what some of you really wanna say)..:…what I see are two problems with most nights..

    1st: culture shock :shock: with closed minded people who don’t know how to open their minds to something new…2nd: some people don’t know how to act when drunk…when you get alot of people drinkin, no matter the spot, you are going to have problems…

    When we started our night, we got alot of heat from the (what I’ll call) Frat crowd & from Rap heads(both Black & white :D) and there were fights between us and them..but the next week, I got up and I spoke to the whole crowd and let them know what this night was about, and set the vibe in the way that they understood that we want them to drink and have a good time and that we understand that they haven’t seen breakdancers in awhile, and that we see that we don’t all act or look alike and that we want them to join the fun..and that while makin this speech I was just as drunk as they were :twisted:..we all wanted the same thing they did..to have a good time… when I stopped doin that some heads forgot what we wanted and fights broke out again…so I got back up there again…and shit was kool :D (plus havin a room full of people backin you up to getting the vibe back again doesn’t hurt either :wink: )

    But seein that where we hold our night is kinda small, I can do that and people can hear me and I make it personal (and funny) so they feel me..I know that can’t be done at big clubs, but then I don’t think anyones tried it at a big club.

    I know that on that night RedZone was a Black club…but it doesn’t make what happend there a black issue or a music issue…It comes down to the fact that there will always be stupid people and assholes in a club, them gettin wasted and no one lookin for the signs of trouble doesn’t help.

    just my two cents :wink:

  • Walker

    ORORO wrote 1st: closed minded people

    2nd: some people don’t know how to act when drunk

    I think these are great points that are exactly why there are fights at anyplace. And as I’ve said before, I don’t think it’s a race issue, but I still think the music influence can have something to do with it. Not necessarily the music itself, but the types of crowds they attract. Some crowds tend to be filled with more of the testosterone-driven machismo idiots that will start fights when drunk, and let’s face it… those people aren’t usually attracted to classical music, or jazz music, or opera… :D

    Anyway, that’s extremely cool that you were able to get up and manage the crowds like that. We need to start passing you around ALL of the clubs and bars to keep people in check. ;) haha! You’d put all of the bouncers out of jobs by keeping everyone cool. :lol:


    Just call me THE COOLER 8) :lol:

  • Douglas Black

    ORORO wrote Just call me THE COOLER 8) :lol:

    sweet… I’ll bring you to all my gigs so I have an excuse as to why I suck. ;)

  • morphunk

    and, i have to add……….the one time i played bento for nate and chris, (which was an awesome time, despite needing to have my short ass stand on my record box lid, as to not bump the tone arms…lol)……ororo took the decks at the end of the evening and killed it alittle sumpin’..AND……TO MY AMAZEMENT, even stopped the music,……….and actually STOOD UP AND announced ALL of the dj/club events everywhere in the city……even the corso/mike g establishments,….everything everywhere.no matter the genre/or dj or venue…………..she announced them all….

    i truly learned how much love she has for the MUSIC, and the vibe that night……..and how it doesnt matter who/what/clothes/hair/skin we have.

    props to ororo…….and the whole restart revolution.


    Doug you silly man :lol: not that kind of cooler..*giggles*…I’m talkin the RoadHouse movie type of cooler..but ya still suck :wink: :lol:

    Thank you very much Morphunk :oops:

  • Walker

    And another. :( I guess I can stop posting these now. Just wanted to show that these shooting happen all over the place (not just downtown) and sadly WAY too frequently.

    Man Shot In Neck Outside Bar

    Victim In Serious Condition

    POSTED: 10:34 am EST November 12, 2005

    UPDATED: 11:04 am EST November 12, 2005

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bar on the city’s northeast side is now a crime scene after a shooting Saturday morning.

    Investigators said the shooting occurred outside Carl’s Place on East Weber Road at about 12:30 a.m.

    Police believe the fight began between two men inside the bar. The argument ended outside the bar with gunshots, NBC 4′s Beth DalPonte reported.

    Eric Sicilian, 26, was shot in the neck outside the bar. He was taken to The Ohio State University Medical Center in serious condition.

    Police do not have any suspects.

    There are some witnesses who police hope will provide them with information.


  • gazercmh

    there was a shooting at Aruba this week, too. saw it in the police reports.

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