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Schumacher Place getting new LEED townhomes

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Kossuth Green is the name of a new two-townhome development planned at 488 E. Kossuth Street (at the corner of Kossuth & Washington) in Schumacher Place.

From their website: “With consideration to property assessment, building orientation, and the density factor, Kossuth Green focuses on sustainable design- which is our direction in the future of the built environment. Using the minimal building footprint for residential dwelling, and maintaining green space with alley-accessible parking and rooftop terrace, Kossuth Green hopes to earn the highest LEED score for homes and continue this standard in upcoming projects.

More detail on the project can be found at KossuthGreen.Blogspot.com.

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  • Jefe

    Nice! I’d love to see Columbus get a passive house, too. I think it’s doable.

  • I see that since this was announced the land went up for sale?    Wonder if the developer backed out?  I would have loved to see this project go forward. 

  • derik

    I live just south of there. At that location, they’d be waiting an awful long time to unload those at the price they’re asking ($264,000+). Green or no. 

  • The land is for sale as well and listed on the MLS.    Unfortunately, MLS guidelines do not allow agents to list both land and “to be built” properties at the same time, so unfortunately, the condos will not be found on all websites.  This situation is much like Andrea Cambern listing both of her homes on Beck Street for sale, whichever sells first, sells first…it’s the reality with investors in today’s market.

    The “developer” is not a large investor, but an individual architect looking to build one of the first green projects in Metro Columbus.  It’s a small scale project in comparison to other condo’s in the area, but it is a great and rare opportunity for those interested in Green living to work one on one in the feedback and design directly with the architect/ investor.  We also feel the townhomes are appealing not only for their green aspects, but for the fact that we consider them to be at a affordable price range of $259,000- $264,900 for a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, approx 1600 sqft, with a rooftop garden, a fenced yard and garage parking…which is in align with comparable homes sales in the same neighborhood.  Recent homes in the same block (and the same modern type design) have sold for $275,000 and $309,000 within the past few months.

  • would love to see development of that nature in east franklinton. tons of vacant land and a stones throw from downtown. a more affordable component would be nice though.

  • In the area are some blah apartment buildings. Hope this gets built to jazz things up!

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