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Rush Creek Village – A Photo Tour

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From Columbus-ite.com:

Rush Creek Village

Rush Creek Village is a tiny enclave consisting of about 50 homes inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. When the leaves are out, it’s hard to see some of the homes since they tend to be setback among the trees. Best times to go check it out are early spring to fall.

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  • drew

    It’s a beautiful area with some wonderful homes… and it’s also an urbanist’s worst nightmare, isn’t it? ;-)

  • lazyfish

    the photos are pretty weak and don’t really do justice to many of the homes…how sad!

  • http://www.columbus-ite.com Columbusite

    It’s within walking distance to downtown Worthington, so it’s not a complete nightmare. Although, I couldn’t see this working as the majority of an urban environment since the layout requires a good-sized lot of land..

  • http://projectsustain.blogspot.com/ Mercurius
  • Mod-dude


  • http://projectsustain.blogspot.com/ Mercurius
  • http://theotherpaper.com KittyM

    This neighborhood is nestled in Colonial Hills, an idyllic post-war development of single family homes within walking distance of Old Worthington. We moved here last year and love it.

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