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RiverSouth Parking Garage Now Open

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Originally announced a year and a half ago, the old Lazarus Parking Garage on South Front Street has been demolished and the new eight-level 773-space parking deck is finished and open for use. The parking deck project was added to help accommodate the removal of several neighboring suface parking lots that have been replaced with the nearly completed Annex at River South residential development, as well as the new Franklin County Courthouse development. The historic Lazarus parking sign has been preserved from the original garage and added to the new building.

Just for the sake of comparison, we’ve included a larger photo of the finished garage to compare the original rendering:

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  • ehill27

    It would be interesting to also see a photo of the original garage.  From what I remember, it was pretty unsightly.

  • I might have a photo somewhere. Will have to look.

    Also, I should add that I noticed several indoor bike racks in the SW corner of the garage. Covered bike parking for River South! :D

  • I love that they kept that lazarus sign.

  • sjf

    I wish their indoor pricing would have been more competitive with the City Center garage.  I was hoping to get some cheaper parking!  Nice to see parking going upward and the surface lots going away. 

  • heresthecasey
  • Motorist

    Yay!  More downtown parking options!

  • I know you don’t like the design of The Annex, but I’m surprised that you’re not a fan of consolidating multiple parking lots into a single parking garage.

  • Motorist

    Picking between surface lots and a single use parking garage is sort of like picking between syphilis and gonorrhea. 

    To say that I don’t like the design of the annex is quite the understatement.  :)

  • ShnWlz

    Does anyone know if this garage is going to offer monthly parking passes similar to what is offered at the City Center parking garage?  It would be an ideal parking location for those who work in the Vern Riffe Center.

  • sjf

    Yes, they are offering passes.  I remember rooftop was $85, inside $95, and “executive” well over $100 a month.  Sorry I don’t have the link.

  • downtowncolumbus.com i think has them posted

  • Mike Duffey
  • Just wondering, why did they have to knock down the old one and build a new one?  Was the old one unsafe?

  • The old one had been closed off with chainlink fence for about as long as I had been paying attention to it. I figured it was probably condemned. The outside looked pretty crumbly, so I imagine the inside was the same and deemed unsafe for use.

  • Was just looking at google maps.  I know some people have had issues with the Annex at River South developement, but I really dont think you can argue that its not 100% better than what use to be there.

  • It’s not going to add anything to make Downtown a better place to live or visit like Dirty Frank’s or C-Town Market (which looks promising so far). But there are less surface lots and covered bike parking. Wouldn’t pay to use that myself, though, if that’s the catch.

  • I have to disagree (and I’m talking about both the parking garage and the Annex).  If the statement “business follows people” is true, I see this as being the catalyst to getting some really great new stores in the amazing new storefronts of the Lazarus building.

  • +1 to what surber said. Consolidating parking lots into a stacked garage to make room for more affordable residential development is EXACTLY what Downtown needs. It sounds like too many people are getting lost in some of the “what if” scenarios.

    I think the problem here is that on a scale of 1-100, this new parking garage is around an 85%. To most people, that’s a B. To folks like Columbusite and Motorist, anything less than 100% is an F. ;)

  • Motorist

    I don’t think thats a fair assessment of me or the parking garage. 

    To start, there is a well documented lack of parking problem in downtown.  So this sort of solves a problem that doesn’t exist.  If we may continue using an arbitrary scoring system thats a -15.  It is also single use, so it continues the problem that did already exist – a dead block.  Minus another 15.  That puts us at 55% (F), and I haven’t even started on how it looks.

  • Sorry, Motorist. Didn’t mean to unfairly compare you to Columbusite. You guys log into CU to complain about completely different things. ;)

  • Motorist

    But can you even imagine how much better Columbus would be if you had beautiful things to look at while driving 25 mph down traffic calmed streets?!?

  • joshlapp

    full of pissed off people, stuck in traffic while going about their daily lives?

  • Aside from new residents, most people using these aren’t going to contribute to making Downtown more of a 24/7 place. There’s little within immediate walking distance and many will just drive out once the clock strikes 5 because of the perception that there’s nothing Downtown. The new retail in the Lazarus building might help depending on what goes in, but we already have plentiful parking after five and not enough destinations to fill them up. I know the price tag for this is high, but this is how you do urban parking. Or you simply design the building to not look like a parking garage and maybe add a retail space. Another run-of-the-mill parking garage is not a destination; it’s not going to attract more visitors (and their money) Downtown. Like I said, the upside is less surface parking and covered bike parking, downside is that it’s a blah garage and if I remember correctly, extra spaces were added than what existed (or is there another garage in the works for that?).

    BTW, if you thought 25MPH was bad (The Clintonville Neighborhood Plan calls for the “speed limit on North High and North Broadway be reduced to 25 mph.” Gee, who would think that urban planners know what they’re talking about? Oh yeah, I do.) Just be glad our Downtown isn’t filled with streets like this one here in Sioux Falls (photo by NorthAndre at UrbanOhio). Who would want that?

  • Judging by your own admissions that you rarely speak to anyone outside of downtown, I can assure you as someone who does…people in the burbs and even further out avoid downtown because of a fear of finding parking (real or imagined, and it doesn’t really matter which).

    If parking like this, with more visibility and access, attracts those people because it quells their fears, it boosts downtown.

  • Columbusite Says: If I remember correctly, extra spaces were added than what existed (or is there another garage in the works for that?).

    I don’t recall what the parking specs of the old Lazarus garage were, but I think when taking into account all of the parking being removed with The Annex, you’re looking at a net loss of parking spaces within that immediate area.

    The other new city-built garage is going in on Fourth between Long & Gay, next to Neighborhood Launch. I think we’re also looking at a net loss there as well, as the garage is replacing the blocks and blocks and blocks of surface parking that is disappearing with Neighborhood Launch.

    Again, I agree that ground floor retail would make these garages more optimal and “24/7-friendly” but I don’t think it’s vital to the energy of these areas. If you compare what we had before in this spot in RiverSouth (boarded up garage and large flat lots) with what we’re building (usable garage and 200+ new residents) then I think we’re going to end up much better off than we were before.

  • I parked in the new garage this morning.  The exit machine doesn’t take cash – you have to go to the office and pay a different machine that spits out a new ticket ie the underground parking around Grant Park in Chicago.  Except that there are no signs and you don’t HAVE to walk by the machines to get to your car.  So I found out after I pulled up to the gate and inserted my ticket.  No prompt on the machine, a maintenance guy came over to tell me.  I had to get the line behind me to back off so I could re-park, go to the office to get a helper to retrieve my original ticket, then go back to the office to pay the $2.  After all that I got to leave.  On my way out, I noticed that someone earlier in the day had run straight through one of the barricades.  I wonder why?

  • You say it doesnt take cash, does it take credit?  or do you have to do all of that no matter what? 

  • Here’s that covered bike/scooter parking that I mentioned was located here:

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