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Rick Bayless Announced for Chefs in the City 2010

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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WOSU’s Fourth Annual Chefs in the City event takes place on Thursday April 15th at [email protected], and this year’s celebrity guest is Master Chef Rick Bayless.

The Chefs in the City event serves as both a fundraiser for WOSU and also provides programming, as the event is filmed for television broadcast. The theme of this year’s event is “local foods” which will focus on Central Ohio farming and sustainability. The event includes a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, followed by partaking the live studio audience for the taping of the show, which will feature Chef Bayless as well as seven other prominent local chefs who will demonstrate some of their signature dishes and serve tastings to audience members.

Tickets start at $150, and more info can be found at wosu.org/chefs.

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  • Rick Bayless is a god. I have had nothing but phenomenal experiences at Topolobampo and Frontera Grill. I’m visiting Chicago this summer, and I want to check out his new sandwich place Xoco. The WOSU event looks awesome as well.

    This link is from my 2007 trip to Chicago.


  • mt448

    so, for 150…how much do you get to taste.  I would loooove to go to this!

  • dru

    Can someone convince Bayless to expand his brand out of Chicago and open a restaurant in Columbus?  Old Rosendale’s spot, please.

  • Somehow I think the man is pretty locked into Chicago. His current three restaurants are all in the same building above and beyond being in the same city. He tried opening an express spot on the other side of the Chicago River and it closed pretty quickly. So Columbus seems like a long shot. But you can keep dreaming (or roll to the grocery store and buy some Frontera and Salpico salsas)!

  • Mister MooCow

    They’re going to partake the live studio audience?  Is that legal?

  • He’s expanding to CA so never say never about Columbus. ;)

    We love dining at Frontera Grill whenever we are in Chicago.

  • dru

    interesting to see that he is branching out.  one of the things i’ve always liked about him is that I’ve been in Frontera several times and looked through the servers window to Topo and seen both Rick and his wife hovering around the kitchen and working.  He is not the typical absentee star-chef who loans his name to as many venues as possible.

  • ErikSternberger

    oooh….very tempting

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