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Restaurant Review: Taco Hass

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Taco Hass
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The new eatery, Taco Hass, has been compared to a taco truck dining experience, a lot. That’s weird. Sure, its menu has tacos, like a taco truck, but

1) Taco Hass is inside a building.
2) It doesn’t move around.
3) It’s powered by a wood fired grill.

Items #1 and #2 might invite comparisons to Taco Bell, but it’s the #3 item that really blows every comparison right out the door. Remember how exciting wood/coal-fired ovens were when they entered the pizza scene? Okay, Taco Hass is that, plus tacos.

Walk in, and it smells like a campfire. The smell itself is something that ought to be edible in this world, but as that is impossible: belly up to the order counter.

But wait: backtrack. Before the order counter, it might be a good idea to do some homework, because the menu that’s stationed over the counter is a little difficult to follow. Sure, the terms “taco” and “burrito” are pretty easy to understand, but the variations on those options are not always clear. It’s hard to know exactly what’s in store for something described with only the words “You will love this!”

There’s a little paper menu at the counter with helpful detailed descriptions. For what it’s worth, ordering blind turned out just fine -and it’s kind of fun to order mysterious stuff.

The base-level burrito would probably be the Burrito Hass ($6.99). It’s a soft flour tortilla that’s plump with rice, beans, a little lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and best of all: meat. It’s a great chance to score some carne asada (beef) that’s been cooked over a wood grill and infused with the smoky flavor. The beef is lean enough and chopped fine. It pollutes the whole burrito with its excellence.

Burritos come in fancier forms too. The Burrito Percheron ($10.99) has the beef, with bacon, onion, mushrooms, and some avocado and chipotle sauces. Bacon might be overused in the restaurant world right now, but it works so well with the smoked beef, it’d be a shame to miss it.

And there are tacos. The Taco Shrimp ($2.99) is binge-worthy. It’s built on a corn tortilla that’s stuffed with plump shrimp and a perky, crisp slaw. The fish version ($2) has the same appeal: together, they make a good meal. For those who prefer land animals (and birds), there are also tacos options with beef, pork and chicken.

. . . And cactus. One doesn’t usually think of cactus as particularly cozy, so the fact that the Taco Verde ($1.75) comes across as comfort food is downright surprising. Potatoes and cheese mix it up with the little green cactus chunks that define the taco. It’s starchy good.

And there’s more comfort food on the menu: Papa Caliente ($9.99) has all the goodness of a diner-style breakfast bowl. An order offers more of that carne asada smoked meat, mixing it up with smashed potatoes, cheese, bacon, soft cooked mushrooms and a little salsa. It’s like a breakfast bowl for anytime.

Taco Hass can be found at 7370 Sawmill Road (just north of the 270 exit). It’s open every day from 11am until 11pm.

More information can be found online at www.facebook.com/Tacos-HASS/.

Photos by Mollie Lyman of www.fornixphotography.com.

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  • This sounds like pretty much the perfect place for me. We’ll have to check it out during our next trip up that way.

  • Eugene_C

    Looks a little rough to get to, traffic-wise, but this may be the first sit-down place since La Bamba (aka “Burritos as Big as your Head”) closed that is producing similar fare.

  • Sounds great. I’m in.

  • SteveKZ087

    And, I know what I’m doing for lunch today.

    Makes this morning’s reverse commute with the snow madness-inflicted Ohio drivers worth all the trouble. ;)

  • tourist19

    It is worth the traffic. That plaza is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in town between Anna’s, Sunflower, and now Taco Hass.

  • pez

    >> tourist19 February 5, 2014 12:11 pm

    >>It is worth the traffic. That plaza is quickly
    >>becoming one of my favorite places in town between
    >>Anna’s, Sunflower, and now Taco Hass.

    One stop shopping there… cash your check, buy a mattress, get a tan, buy some paint, eat Greek food, get car insurance, eat Subway, buy an Oreck, eat Chinese, see the dentist, buy flowers, pick up a burrito and get some liquor to wash it down with on the way home.

    Definitely worth visiting Hass, food is good and the wood fired taste is a unique twist.

  • “It pollutes the whole burrito with its excellence.”

    I love it!

    Excited to give this one a try. Nice to see they’re offering an interesting take on the tacos.

  • Cbusbill

    I tried Hass out for lunch a couple weeks back and was blown away. Yuuuuum!!! Sawmill Rd. traffic aside, well worth the effort. Not in the mood for authentic Mexican grub? 101 Beer Kitchen is catty-corner across Sawmill/Hard Rd. Two thumbs up all around!!

  • Sounds amazing! I want it all!!

  • meltsintowonder

    We can’t wait to try it. I also feel like Bethel Road is one of the best streets in the area for food.

  • I can’t wait to check out this place! Wood fire grilled burrito goodness, YES! :)

  • @meltsintowonder – Agreed! A lot of the aging strip malls from the 80s aren’t attracting the name-brand chains anymore and instead offer a lower-cost rent alternative for authentic ethnic eateries. Win-win for everyone. ;)

  • dinger

    I have been to Taco Hass several times. The menu is in flux, in a good way. One time they had the yummy fish tacos and the next time in their place were carnitas. The fish/shrimp/carnitas can come and go and might not always be available.

    One thing this review fails to mention is the Al Pastor. Yes, the wood fired carne is amazing. Really, it is. But we’ve all had wood fired beef, while many have never even seen proper Al Pastor. Taco Hass uses an authentic spit grill (think gyro) that can be found all over central Mexico. The pork is well seasoned, slightly crisp and the Al Pastor taco is topped off with diced pineapple. If pork is on your menu, this is a must try item.

    I was introduced to the place 4 weeks ago and I have driven up from Italian Village each week since for lunch. It’s worth it. A+, 5 stars and all that.

  • LT

    I sooo miss La Bamba (aka “Burritos as Big as your Head”); and hate Sawmill Road…wish this was more central.

  • tolemac5050

    My burrito was served in a basket and certainly did not get the sides on a plate like is pictured in the review

  • surber17

    Thanks to this review …. we went for dinner tonight and were not disappointed! I got the big meat burrito listed above and my girlfriend got a few tacos. All were very very good. Only complaint is they need to be a bit quicker with the service, but I think that will come in time

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