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Restaurant Review: Jerry’s Galaxy Cafe

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Jerry’s Galaxy Cafe
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The warning that Jerry’s Galaxy Cafe is out in the untraveled frontiers of Hilliard, that was an understatement.

In the age of Google Maps, far-flung-ed-ness shouldn’t be a problem, but those maps can’t help you when the turn-off sign on Scioto Darby Road is bent all to hell and points in some random direction. And when it’s time to go home, better make a map too, otherwise you’ll end up wandering around on Trabue trying to figure out where the Downtown skyline went.

Shucks, Jerry’s Galaxy Cafe is worth the ride anyway. Jerry’s is a branch off the infamous Galaxy and Starliner family trees — both restaurants acclaimed for quirky style, and a funky mix of Southwest and Caribbean influenced fare.

There’s a cute sense of design that comes with the Galaxy concept. Upon immediate entry, it feels like a diner. Then the decor starts to speak. Jerry’s Galaxy hosts a random collection of folk art, the best of which are a series of totem polls with non-traditional faces.

Then there are the Plantains ($6). Once a peculiarity on the local dining scene, plantains are now a starchy prize you can find at a few local spots, and this cafe is one of them. True to form, the kitchen puts a little crispy fried edge on the mildly sweet fruit and serves it with an addictive sauce.

You can also score a Burrito off the menu. They come in veggie, chicken and steak flavors. The chicken version ($8) is busting with black beans, rice, lettuce, chicken, pico de gallo and a fabulous amount of sour cream to pull it together.

But better than the burrito were the Chiliquilles ($7.50). An order provides an epic playground of goodness that has more than the eggs, chips, corn, and cheese promised. First, because the sum is always better than the parts. Second: because there are slices of zucchini in there too. Glorious mess.

One of the periodic specials is a Chili Relleno stuffed with chicken. Totally worth a try, if it makes an appearance. Though the traditional version of peppers stuffed with cheese will probably always be the favorite (because… cheese), this is a solid almost-healthy tasting rendition with a soft battered pepper hiding chucks of chicken and a little creamy sauce inside.

And then there are Chili Cheese Nachos ($7). It’s on the appetizer menu, but it’s worth consideration as a main event. It’s chips topped with the savory house chili and lots of melty jack and cheddar cheese. It really should be on the official list of comfort foods.

The menu runs the range from breakfast to sandwiches and burgers to roasted chicken. There’s even a kiddie menu, and small people eat free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with an adult.

You can find Jerry’s Galaxy Cafe at 4920 Scioto Darby Road. It’s open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9am until 9:30pm. Then it’s open Fridays and Saturdays from 9am until 10pm and Sundays from 9am until 4pm. At the last visit, the restaurant had added additional Monday hours from 9am until 4pm.

For more information, visit www.jerrysgalaxy.com.

Photos by Mollie Lyman of www.fornixphotography.com.

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  • Thank you for this GREAT news. I used to live near the Powell Galaxy Cafe and now I live North of where this one has opened. Can’t wait to give it a try.

    Here are directions from Downtown – 33/Dublin Rd/Riverside Dr West/North – West on Trabue – North on Dublin Rd – West on Scioto Darby. (at the Leap Rd split) go Left to stay on Scioto Darby. Restaurant is on the Right.

  • Geno99

    I really hope they open something closer to town someday. I really miss the old Galaxy in Grandview Hts. I’ll definitely go out there but not regularly, due to the trek.

  • I’ll have to check this place out, I really like reading reviews of these places I never would have found otherwise. But truthfully this place is 20 min from downtown on a fairly well traveled road. I think reports of it being in the middle of nowhere are greatly exaggerated, even if they were (hopefully) tongue in cheek.

  • @Corrumbus — I grabbed takeout from here a few days ago, and coming off Roberts Road from 270 and traveling up Walcutt Road meant seeing a lot of distribution centers and the back ends of subdivisions. It felt a bit isolated where the restaurant was located.

    If you’re coming the other way from Cemetary Road or from Olde Hilliarde, it probably seems more connected to the rest of the world.

  • It really is in an out of the way spot. They could use some extra foot traffic this time of year especially.


  • Bluehouse1065

    This place,the Starliner Diner and Louie’s Fusion Grill all have identical menus and are all within 3 miles of each other. How many plantains can the citizenry of Hilliard be expected to eat??

    • osuraj

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read this!

      • tolemac5050

        Jerry’s has closed…so there is the answer

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