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Rehab Tavern Opens in Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Rehab Tavern Opens in Franklinton
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The Franklinton bar formerly known as Three Deuces is being reborn tonight as Rehab Tavern. Significant renovations have been made to the building, but the new owners have taken special care to preserve as much of the character of the building, while paying tribute to the character of the neighborhood.

“When we first came in we started calling people we knew to find salvaged goods,” says Rehab Owner Brad DeHays. “We wanted to do something unique, and seeing as we own a construction company, this is exactly what we do. We rehab a lot of historic buildings.”

Many pieces and parts of the old bar have been reused in new ways, such as shattered mirrors that have been clear coated for displaying behind the bar and old chairs and barstools that have gotten a fresh life after sanding down and resurfacing. Much of the new woodwork in Rehab comes from a deconstructed barn from southern Ohio, providing 120 year old wood beams with original nails covering walls, framing the patio and being included in the bartop itself.

With so many historic items coated in resin, DeHays describes the venue as a polished and preserved dive bar. They hope to attract a wide variety of customers that can appreciate a good draft and bottled beer selection, a limited menu featuring wings and paninis, and entertainment options that include a pool table, dart board and golf arcade system.

“I’m going to invite every person I do business with from all different walks of life,” said DeHayes. “Hopefully once they’re down here they start drinking the Franklinton kool-aid a little bit and start realizing it’s actually safe down here. That’s the hardest thing to get through people’s heads if they haven’t been to Franklinton recently.”

Rehab Tavern is hosting a soft opening tonight and will continue to be open through next week when they kick off with an official grand opening party on Friday, December 14th.

“That should give us time to cut our teeth a little bit,” said DeHayes. “By the time this neighborhood gets built back up again, we want to become know as the neighborhood bar. In the meantime, we just want a bunch of people to come in and check it out.”

CLICK HERE to view a photo preview of Rehab Tavern.

More information can be found online at www.rehabtavern.com.

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  • Mandy Henderson

    This is the one thing I will make my husband drive into Columbus to check out. It sounds amazing.

    I mean, “ask him to drive into Columbus”. :)

  • Chris Sherman

    “drive into columbus!”

  • JimSweeney

    So happy to have Brad in the neighborhood! The place looks great. We’re wrapping the Franklinton Arts District meeting early tonight so we can celebrate the new place. Franklinton kool-aid is delicious!

  • leftovers

    Will have to check it out!

  • Lauren Wilson

    So glad to be hitting this up after our meeting tonight. It’s only 10am and I already need ALL OF THE DRINKS. Looks rad.

  • I’m going to Rehab!

  • I forgot to add… while the beer selection seems to be the focus, they will be featuring a signature drink called “The Trash Can”, which is sort of like an unmixed Long Island, but with peach schnapps, blue curacao and and upside down can of Red Bull sticking out of the top. The whole thing slowly turns green and you drink around the metal can. Fun stuff. ;)

  • Ftonite

    The bar looks fantastic. It pays homage to the past and is a great daily reminder of the things to come.

  • jillg

    Looks nice. Congrats Franklinton!

  • dehayst

    Franklinton Kool-aid needs to be a drink too. What would be in that? Other than kool-aid… of course.

  • Chris Sherman


  • looks amazing! awesome job, brad! and truly, the ‘trash can’ sounds like the best way to drink away our still-sad-about-three-deuces blues…

  • tolemac5050

    Been watching as this gets closer to reality every time I leave Dinin Hall. (weekly)

  • Had a drink there and have to say…amazed by the place. A lot of hard work and artistic vision went into every detail!

  • kamoysi

    What’s the address. Where do you Park?

  • tolemac5050
  • 456 W. Town St.

    There’s street parking up front and more parking in the rear of the building.

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