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Red Brick Tap & Grill Opening this October

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Red Brick Tap & Grill Opening this October
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Ever since the Red Brick Inn closed its doors for renovation last October, heartbroken fans of the Merion Village spot have been anxious, taking to chat rooms and discussion forums in an attempt to suss out when their favorite watering hole would reopen.

The rumors spread about a spring opening, that then turned into a summer one as unforeseen challenges arose for new owner George Stefanidis and manager Brian York (of Easy Street Café).

Now, the relaunch date is set for October, and antsy loyalists can rest assured that this time, their opening day dreams are poised to come true.

“We have run into a number of setbacks in dealing with a building the age of the Red Brick,” states York. “We have overcome these setbacks, and are moving at a much faster pace. We want people to know that we are going to be the comfortable spot on their side of town where they can come relax anytime of the day or night.”

The Red Brick Inn will officially be known as the Red Brick Tap & Grill once it’s reopened. The concept has not changed, but has been tweaked to reflect the attention that will be given to food.

In the past, Red Brick’s menu was neither distinct nor memorable. York and his team have been working to change that though, consciously nurturing a culinary identity that will serve as a crucial part of the historic bar’s new outlook.

The new menu will feature site-smoked meats like brisket and bacon, pizza by the slice, and house-ground burgers.

In addition, the bar offerings will expand. Thirty taps anchored by local brews from Four String Brewing, Jackie O’s, and other local outfits will be on hand, with another 50-60 ales available in bottles (growler fills will also be offered). Cocktails using Middle West Spirits and Brothers Drake products will also be par for the course.

The new Red Brick Tap & Grill will seat 98 comfortably inside the 2,600 square-feet remodel, with an additional 40 seats on their legendary back patio.

A reimagined, longer bar will be able to seat triple the original number of customers, and that combined with an entirely new kitchen, relocated restrooms, a modified entrance, and trendy windows that run across the front of the building where wall used to be, makes this Red Brick feel entirely new.

But it isn’t.  The 292 East Gates Street spot has been a discernible part of the German/Merion Village community for over a decade, and even under new ownership, that will not change.

“The Red Brick is still a neighborhood bar that wants to cater to the neighborhood it is located in,” adds York. “Our goal is to create a comfortable feeling bar. We want our guests to feel comfortable being with us for a three-hour football game, or for a quick lunch.”

For their grand opening, Red Brick Tap & Grill will hold a special event to welcome new and old friends. For more on this and their impending launch, follow them at  www.facebook.com/redbricktapandgrill.

Photo by Anne Evans.

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  • gmcsoccer

    so hope that this opening date holds true. my wife and i stopped by to check things out earlier this summer, and George showed up around. the plans sounded great, but there was a ton of work to do. can wait to be able to walk 50 steps for a bite and a beer!

  • mbeaumont

    Sounds like a great update!

  • Graybeak

    I am not sure how windows can be “trendy”.

  • I think those windows that fold open that Marcella’s and others have are trendy. They may be a good thing to install moving forward, but when they started being put in, I’d say they were a trend.

  • mfl243

    As much as I appreciate the update on a neighborhood improvement, I’ll agree the ‘trendy’ windows ‘heartbroken fans’ and ‘opening daydreams’ are all just poor writing. Does CU have a staff copy editor?
    I understand it can be a struggle to come up with a few inches of copy on a pending restaurant opening, but the fluff in this piece makes me wish for the efficiency of of a stripped down press release.
    And, lastly, ‘trendy windows that run across the front of the building where wall used to be, makes this Red Brick feel entirely new’ is a factual error. There were windows before, not a solid wall.

  • Cool, as someone who lives right by it, I really hope it is great, but not so great it gets packed and I can’t get a seat!

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