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Public Input Sought on Scioto Peninsula Master Plan

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Columbus Downtown Development Corportation (CDDC) is hosting a public meeting this evening at COSI from 6pm to 8pm, to gather community input on the creation of the Scioto Peninsula Master Plan.

This planning initiative was announced earlier this year as an effort to redevelop the 56 acre area adjacent to Downtown, nestled between the Scioto River and and elevated railroad tracks. This peninsula is entirely owned by the City of Columbus and Franklin County, and is home to COSI, Veterans Memorial and a whole lot of open land. Additionally, the area is flanked by planning efforts that include a “greenways” redevelopment of the river itself, and the creation of a mixed-use arts-centric neighborhood in East Franklinton.

“The Mayor, City Council and the Franklin County Commissioners have asked us to not only look at the river, but to look at the Scioto Peninsula and to come up with a plan for its redevelopment,” said Columbus Downtown Development Corporation President and CEO Guy Worley back in April.

Tonight, a framework presentation will be given that provides an outline for the land use plan, followed by breakout sessions where attendees can review maps, provide input and make suggestions for future use.

“Tonight’s format will be very reminiscent of the approach we took for developing the 2010 Downtown Strategic Plan,” said Amy Taylor, chief operating officer at CDDC. “Some of the best ideas that we’re working on implementing in the Downtown Strategic Plan came from the people who filled out the surveys and provided comments at those public meetings.”

For those unable to attend tonight, more information will be made available online following the meeting at www.downtowncolumbus.com, where comments and suggestions can be submitted online.

A finalized plan is expected to be presented to the public before the end of the year.

More details about tonight’s meeting can be found HERE.

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  • Saint Murrays

    New Stadium for the Columbus Crew?…

  • @Saint Murrays – If it’s going to be moved Downtown, then I’m a fan of that idea. ;)

  • Neutzy

    I think it should be a mixed income neighborhood with plenty of affordable housing! This is public land, so everyone should be able to afford a place in whatever it becomes.

  • Stephen43215

    Anything is progress for the area. I hope it doesnt turn out being all 3 to 4 story brick buidlings. The skyline is right across the river so with the right kind of height, apartments with a view would be amazing!

  • Stephen43215

    Maybe condos or apartments on the waters edge with restaurant and patio space overlooking the river and downtown.

  • Pickerington_Kyle

    20 to 30 story condo apartment towers that looks over Columbus, with another cultural attraction that’s built along the river between the rich and main street bridges.

  • No T

    I don’t know that a stadium would be the best use especially if the space could be filled with opportunities that would exist more frequently than soccer games and other date limited events. I guess it depends on what happens in the rest of the area and how active the designers and planners desire it to be compared to the other side of the river.
    The other question is then what happens to the existing stadium and the space that surrounds it especially their new parking lot?

  • jpizzow

    Damnit. Wouldn’t you know I can’t attend this planning event because I have a city planning class tonight! Anyways, whatever does happen, it needs to be dense and walkable and should compliment everything that’s going on and planned for East Franklinton across the tracks. The buildings should not be brick boxes, but instead more modern. This entire area needs its own identity. We don’t need another Arena District. When I drive down Broad or Town, I want to know where I’m at simply by looking at the buildings. Since it was Columbus’ first neighborhood, maybe it should become Columbus’ first self sustainable net zero energy neighborhhood. In other words, an example for the country to follow. (We can’t just be noted for our highway cap technology, haha)

    A Crew stadium would be nice too.

  • MichaelC

    I think turning this into a series of condo and apartment towers–ones that are affordable to people right out of college and up–with little restaurants and shops mixed among them…while taking advantage of the view and proximity of Downtown, and the ever-improving recreational opportunities to the Scioto, would be ideal.

    There is an opportunity here to build a neighborhood from the ground up. A modern neighborhood for the 21st Century. I think JPizzow nails it on the head.

    This can be an innovative neighborhood, one that becomes the envy of the city, state and country.

    We have to take our time and do it right.

  • Take a cue from the Wynwood walls in Miami. Create an arts district that turns all the warehouse space into creative studios, shops, and event spaces. Use every inch of of outdoor space as a canvas for artistic expression. Its brought the best artists in the world to Miami, and could do the same for Columbus… who knows, the cheap cost of living might even keep them here!

  • ashleighvsingleton

    Some sort of playground should be built! Activities for adults/families/children.

  • hdtvohio

    I would love to see Twin High rises in those two big lots between Town and Broad. The western ones. The north one would be commercial. I would love to draw in a tech company to Columbus. The south one would be residential. North of broad next to Vet’s would be a parking garage instead of a parking lot.

    That awkward shaped lot between Town and Rich/the river would be for a stadium if there was to be a stadium. I don’t know what it would be if there wasn’t. Something fun though.

    Between the high rises and COSI would be art spaces or retail or restaurant or anything smaller with window fronts. I would think about looking into underground parking under that lot.

    The little sliver between the high rises and the railroad would be for a number of things…thinking gardens or smaller homes/apartments.

    In general I think the peninsula should be BIG…so that as Franklinton rebuilds and recovers that can be the centerpiece that draws people in.

    I will be very disappointed if there isn’t a high rise of some sort because Columbus needs an expanding skyline…not just expanding boundaries.

  • joshlapp

    Restoring the alley system, offer to split up parcels for smaller developers so as to help create a diversity in architecture and design, minimum building heights, building intimately acquainted with the street

    I’d like to see this district become an area that gives you the urban depth that the Short North and Columbus (outside of downtown, arena, and small part of Brewery) lacks in a physical way. And by that I mean for the most part the Short North is only 3+ stories with retail on High, one block away and its SFH or other residential uses. We need an area outside downtown that I can walk 3+ blocks and the neighborhood is still highly urban in nature.

  • MichaelC

    Agreed–the population should be dense, and the green spaces should be plentiful, and the places affordable. Take advantage of the location and the opportunity to bring people in from the suburbs and exurbs and harness all the creative talent that could turn the neighborhood into a canvas.

  • buckeye54

    CREW CREW CREW! oooh and big condo towers and light rail running through with green spaces and bars and restaurants and make it affordable so all my suburban friends will move down! One can dream can’t they? :)

  • romanh

    More river front restaurants, outdoor cafes, maybe Jeni’s wants to open up a river front branch.
    But please no more “fusion” or “american bistro.”

  • BPando

    Can it be clarified how this planning effort differs from the East Franklinton Creative Community District Plan?

  • @BPando – East Franklinton is from 315 to the Railroad tracks. Scioto Peninsula is from the Railroad tracks to the River. They’re two separate places located adjacent to each other.

  • You can submit ideas online via this survey:


    Though I was informed last night at the meeting that folks at CDDC are reading the comments here on CU and taking them into account. So keep it coming. ;)

  • columbusmike

    We don’t need “green space”….the river is a block away. We need quality, dense, mixed-use development.

    Fyi…I think the space between the railroad tracks would be great for a very large industrial-looking botanical garden or indoor athletic fields for soccer competitions, football, baseball, a running track, etc. that was something identified as a need downtown and could bring life to that area.

  • lbl

    thinking of revenue for the city & county – could parcels be leased out for commercial use to generate ongoing income? the city would own the land and lease it for development within whatever use guidelines are determined.

    having the rail lines right there – could a downtown light rail be a possibility? going from the Convention Center around to the south and back.
    expand it up to Campus eventually. think of moving thousands of people on a game day from downtown to the Shoe without all the gridlock.

    i have always thought that Columbus needs a mountain. we have no “great defining landmark” in this town. something bold that becomes a tourist draw. with COSI and Vets adjacent, it could be tied into the concept to create a new “district”. (name tbd)

    being able to build something from the ground up has its advantages. hope its done with a forward looking master plan and not all patched together like most cities do things.

    ps. to the folks at CDDC – prolly stating the obvious. Vets needs a major facelift.

  • lbl

    Columbus needs a mountain.
    This would be a great opportunity to put this town on the world map with a landmark structure. Think outside the box a little and give a reason for someone to WANT to be a tourist here. Tie in Vets & COSI and give it a new “District” name.

  • columbusmike

    “i have always thought that Columbus needs a mountain. we have no “great defining landmark” in this town.”

    Haha, I don’t know about a mountain, but I agree our landscape in Central Ohio is a pretty plain. More reason why we should pay extra close attention to our BUILT environment.

    The big thing here should be the density and quality of the spaces. Transportation and all the other things will fall into place if the density is right.

  • stakerjw

    So I’ve heard, and it says in this article (http://downtowncolumbus.com/home/moving-forward/plan/scioto-peninsula) that there would be some sort of a public announcement about the final plans by the end of the year. Does that mean an announcement will come tomorrow or is it safe to say that the city is still in the process of evaluation?

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