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Pricing and Floorplans Revealed for Yankee Trader Apartments

Brent Warren Brent Warren Pricing and Floorplans Revealed for Yankee Trader Apartments
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Crews are working on interior finishes on the eleven apartments at Yankee on High, the five-story building at 463 North High Street that previously held the entrance to the Yankee Trader novelty and costume store. Pre-leasing for the apartments has begun, with pricing information and floor-plans now available on the project website.

Zach Price of TRIAD Architects, who is developing the project along with Henry Price Investments, said that they are hoping residents can move in by the end of July. He also hinted that there will be news to come about the ground floor retail space; “we…have (it) leased to a gourmet restaurant specializing in organic burgers,” adding that the official announcement will be coming soon.

The plan for renovating the 100-year old building was first announced last summer, and construction has proceeded more or less on schedule. Ten of the apartments will be one-bedroom units, ranging from 615 to 986 square feet and priced from $1,100 to $1,875 per month. The two-bedroom unit, which is two floors and over 1,800 square feet, has an asking price of $3,375 per month.

All units feature high ceilings, hard wood floors and washers and dryers. Parking is available in the nearby Vine Street garage for an additional monthly fee.

More information on unit rental information can be found at our Urban Living site.

More information about the project can be found at www.yankeeonhigh.com.

Photo by Walker Evans.

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  • RellekOTE

    Wow. Almost $2,000 for a 986sf one bedroom..? Even in the heart of the city, that seems a bit crazy to me… There are apartments in the Chicago Loop for cheaper than that!

  • James

    But do they come with novelty dog poop and whoopie cushions?

  • I agree that’s a lot for a one bedroom in columbus, I disagree you could get a similar sized and finished apartment in the loop for the same price. I guess it’s worth what people will pay, the beauty of the market.

  • anillo

    You probably could because no one wants to live in the Loop, it dies after 5. South/West Loop or River North on the other hand…

  • Miracle

    I agree the apartments seem expensive, but with only 11 units, in that location, i do not see there being a problem getting these leased.

  • Yeah, this is some pretty prime real estate, being sandwiched between the Short North, Arena District, Downtown, Convention Center, North Market, Park Street and Goodale Park. If you really want to be in the epicenter of urban Columbus with walkability to all of it, this is it.

  • InnerCore

    $1,875 for a 986 sf one bedroom comes out to be $1.90/sf. In Chicago or other comparable cities in comparable locations you’d be paying closer to $2.50/sf.

    I think the $1,875 number is throwing people off because that is extremely large for a one bedroom, especially in the hear of the city. As you can see the units start at $1,100 for a 615 sf one bedroom which is closer to the typical size.

    At 986 sf that unit should really be a 2 bedroom where $1,875 would sound so bad, but I’m assuming maybe that layout was tricky.

  • RellekOTE

    If I was going to pay that much for an apartment, at least in Columbus, I would hope it would have an actual kitchen instead of a kitchenette ;) I do love the look, though. And, having lived in Chicago for a long time, I do know of places in the heart of downtown (River North) that are cheaper than that (good friend pays $1,500 for 800sf in a high rise). Granted, they’re not lofts, but at least they have a full kitchen and views to die for!

  • InnerCore

    First I’d like to see a recently renovated apartment in River North with stainless steel and granite for $1,500.

    Second I don’t think River North is comparable to this location. Were talking about High st. between SN and the Arena District. In terms of Columbus this is Main and Main. For an urban downtown location it pretty much doesn’t get any better. There is no way that you can compare this area to anything other than the Loop.

  • RellekOTE

    Actually, it’s very comparable. The Loop is the center of Downtown, River North is just north of the center. Seems the same to me. We’re in agreement that, of course, it’s in a very hot area. And the market is what it is, and for sure they’ll rent fast. Ultimately, I’m just glad to see this beautiful, historic building have some new life put into it!

  • cmhcow

    Hey James – we kind of look the same!

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