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Polaris Mall Losing Lord & Taylor

Anne Evans Anne Evans
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In the very competitive high-end shopper market we all know as Columbus, Lord & Taylor can no longer compete. According to a Dispatch article the department store will most likely be closing in the near future. It cites reasons of: Columbus is too retail-saturated, it never distinguished itself in the upscale market, there are 2 other upscale stores there (Nordstrom and Saks) and it just can’t compete, everyone in retail, especially department stores is hurting, etc.

Polaris mall people were claiming that they would put up a hard fight before losing the Lord & Taylor store; their only store located in Ohio. But come on, if the store can’t make any money how the hell do they think they are going to keep them? I suppose if they make it extremely difficult and expensive for them to get out of their lease. Nice mall owners they appear to be….

I really haven’t shopped there too much. I do like The Great Indoors though. They have such a wide assortment of home decor and supplies. And a very nice selection of lamps.

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  • DublinDiver

    I’ve shopped there once, there stuff was nice, but it seems as though they had the same stuff as most other department store. It seems whenever I go to malls I never to into department stores, only the smaller stores, which is what most people tend to do. but it does kind of put a semy black mark on columbus, that we’re not cool enough to have the “ritsy” department store. Oh well, we still rock anyways.

  • Jason Lemon Lyman

    We’re not the only one losing Lord and Taylor. I was just in Louisville, KY this weekend and heard they are pulling out of there as well. I think it has more to do with L & T than the cities though. A few years back they were on the verge of Bankruptcy, and their current president stepped in and brought them back. Maybe she was over zealous though? Who knows. Persoanlly, I have never been in that store. but it looks nice from the outside. :(

  • Anne

    Yeah, they said that a bunch of the Lord & Taylor stores were closing…the one in Polaris just happens to be the only one in Ohio. But they are facing bankruptcy problems, which is why I think it is a lost cause (or just making himself look good since he knows they will lose it) that the owner is being so “positive” that they can keep that store there.

    Hard to be a department store right now.

    Personally I kind of like department stores. You can usually get pretty good deals on nice stuff and they aren’t like a little boutique store. It is easy to comparison-price shop too since a lot of them carry quite a bit of the same things. Plus you don’t have sales people hovering about you all of the time to “help” you. I find that annoying sometimes and if I want to get help, I have no problem seeking them out.

  • smashing

    Lord & Taylor didn’t really distinguish itself because it has nothing special, quite frankly. Overpriced, not terribly unique brands, generally unimpressive clothes. They don’t have the Nordstrom’s angle of carrying brands like Juicy Couture and Dolce & Gabbana, which appeals to the very high-end of Columbus, but at the same time they’re not affordable like Lazarus… they took the worst of both spectrums: jacked up prices combined with unoriginal clothes.

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