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Pigskin Brewing Plans Taproom and Brewery at Creekside Gahanna

Walker Evans Walker Evans Pigskin Brewing Plans Taproom and Brewery at Creekside Gahanna
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Last fall we featured a new startup beer brewer called Pigskin, which announced plans to renovate a warehouse space at 1400 Dublin Road to open a new taproom and brewery. The team behind the new business announced tonight on Facebook that they would be relocating to Creekside in Gahanna.

“It’s been a long journey, but we finally have a place to call home and we could not be more excited,” said Brewer and Chief Marketing Executive Mike Rockwell. “We want to thank all our fans for being so patient and we cannot wait to serve a pint to each and every one of you.”

The operation had to be relocated due to zoning issues with the original Dublin Road building. Rockwell anticipates that the new location will be open sometime in September or October.

Their taproom will feature a variety of local breweries from around Central Ohio in addition to their own beers brewed in-house.

More info can be found online at www.pigskinbrewingcompany.com.

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  • CardinalMBA1998

    Yikes – tough business location.

    Have to say — I would never open up a business in that area. Creekside is a fortress that is protected North South East and West by pulling over families of 4 driving 40 in a 35. Tickets are the preferred source of revenue versus obtaining revenue via the tax stream.

    But good luck.

    • Creekside is a pedestrian area. Cars shouldn’t be going 40mph entering this area. They should be going 15-20. :O

      • CardinalMBA1998

        Agree – However that is not the area that I am referring too nor the area that is targeted.

        I am referring to the areas that lead into Creekside.

        I am also not suggesting that anyone go 36 in a 35 or 26 in a 25.

        I just know a lot of people that will not go to Creekside for fear of getting a speeding or parking ticket.

  • CardinalMBA1998

    And parking is a BIG BIG problem there. Bottom line, that parking garage was designed poorly.

    There should be an entrance to the South. Garage parkers have to ‘backtrack’ in the garage to get to their desired location.

    But again, good luck. Love craft beers and people chasing their dreams.

  • bm7878

    does anyone know about employment info i could not find anything on the site

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