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Photos: 2013 Columbus Food Truck Festival

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The third annual Columbus Food Truck Festival kicked off at noon at Columbus Commons, and hungry patrons wasted no time getting in line. Over 40 trucks are participating in this year’s event, serving everything from bulgogi cheesesteak sandwiches to authentic Mexican tacos to pizza by the slice.

The festival runs through 10pm and continues tomorrow (Saturday) from noon to 10pm. Check out the photos below for a preview of what you can find this weekend.

More information can be found online at www.columbusfoodtruckfest.com.

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  • You sure about there being Bulgogi Cheezesteak Walker? ;)

  • I thought so! Isn’t that one of your most popular items? ;)

  • It is, but we aren’t there this weekend. :)

    The Good Frank has our Kimchi Hot Dog (The Ajumama Dog) but the Cheezesteak will be with us at Zauber tomorrow afternoon :)

  • Haha! Somehow I just imagined that I saw the truck today then. ;) My bad!

  • squid

    Awesome time was had. LOVE that Red Snapper truck!!

    -beer and beverages didn’t have the insane lines from last year.
    -The large # of trucks made the average lines shorter both days (it appeared. not sure that was true)
    -ATM van. (while it lasted)

    bad: Many, many vendors went ‘Cash Only’ early on to move the lines faster. Both the fixed ATM and the van ATM ran out of cash almost immediately and reports back to me where that neither got a refill as of Sunday afternoon. Have to figure that one out for next time. Only one or two took the signs back later at night (both nights) and back to their swiping/squares/intuit/paypal.

    Great: love that kids area for the kids. Now if only all the large adults would have let the kids occupy the little tiny kid seats. ;)

    most awesome: the weather and the food.

  • mitsoca

    My first time at the festival. Loved the varied types of foods in particular the Los Potosinos fare. Their grilled chicken was incredibly tasty. Moist and delicious. Their tacos were also quite tasty. I will definitely plan to visit their home base (next to Lincoln Theater) for more, more, more.

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