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Phase Two of Bishop’s Walk Breaks Ground

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The second half of the new Bishop’s Walk Condos at Neighborhood Launch has officially broken ground, which will add an additional 14 residential units to the development.

The first half of Bishop’s Walk was announced back in February and construction will be wrapped up by the end of September.

“By offering a quality product that appeals to a diverse audience, we have been fortunate to maintain strong continued interest for those who want to live in a unique urban neighborhood,” said Jeff Edwards, president of Edwards Companies.

When we spoke with Jeff Edwards during an interview in March, he mentioned several upcoming phases of Neighborhood Launch which includes a five-story building of mostly one-bedroom units, which could be the next construction project to be announced.

Once completed, Bishop’s Walk will add 27 residential units to Neighborhood Launch for a current total of 74 units. The entire Neighborhood Launch development will contain 300 residential units once fully completed.

More information can be found at www.NeighborhoodLaunch.com.

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  • heresthecasey

    Great project! Glad to see it’s really coming along. Sucks that all they have to look at though is the Midland Bldg parking garage, would be nice to see that retrofitted a bit to be a little less of a scourge on the eyes.

  • coolbuckeye

    I think you have to take into account that the street scape is going to be greatly improved.  Plus there will be like 2 or 3 rows of trees that will soften the view as well.

  • futureman

    this is my favorite section of this development so far. The row house look makes me think of what might have been there before it was made into parking lots in the 60’s/70’s.

    The midland parking garage looks like an entrance to minimum security prison though.

  • Bob P

    This development has a nice downtown neighborhood feel

  • ehill27

    @ heresthecasey and futureman,

    Midland has actually been working on that garage over the last couple months, but unfortunately it seems they’re only making structural improvements, not esthetics.  They’ve been pulling the ugly black metal facade section by section, but have been replacing them when done.  :(

  • jpunkster

    To see this progressing is absolutely wonderful! I remember working in the former Borden Building (can’t remember what they changed the name to) on the 15th floor and looking out over the vast surface lot wasteland 10+ yrs ago thinking how horrible it was.

  • anillo

    I love love love love this project.

  • Figured as much with the parking lot all torn up. There’s only one and a half blocks left before it ends near Grant and Gay St is filled in. I’m looking forward to the presence on Long St and hope they can twist the city’s arm to convert it to two-way like they did with Gay St.

  • Pickerington_Kyle

    I just drove by this place. I love it! It looks amazing. I would live there if I could.

  • Looks like it’s almost finished:

    More construction photos, HERE.

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