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Peanut Shoppe Relocating to Fifth Third Center

Walker Evans Walker Evans Peanut Shoppe Relocating to Fifth Third CenterPhoto by Walker Evans.
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The Peanut Shoppe has been a Downtown staple for 78 years, and owner Mike and Pat Stone are looking for a new lease on life with a relocation two blocks south into the Fifth Third Center at the corner of State and High Streets. The move is not the first for the shop, which was originally located at 5 South High Street from 1936 to 1978 when it was owned by Planters.

“The old Peanut Shoppe was located about where Pizza Rustica is now,” explained Pat. “The family who owned Planters sold the company to Standard Brands, which was purchased by Nabisco, which was then bought by RJ Reynolds, which transferred the brand to its Kraft Division. Many of the 300 plus stores closed along the way, but  luckily, the Columbus store was purchased by some golf buddies who sold the store to us in 1996.”

Stone says that the business was bustling when they first took over, with 350 to 400 people stopping in every day. Foot traffic has declined to around 50 per day “when the weather is good”, which Stone says is related to the loss of neighboring High Street businesses including CVS, Rite Drug, Arby’s, Wendy’s and National City Bank.

“It has been our experience that most of our customers work within a block of our store,” says Stone. “Our new address will draw customers from Huntington Bank, the Riffe Center and the old Lazarus building. The newest potential for us will be the folks who actually live in the neighborhood. Proximity to the Annex and High Point residents will open us up to a new evening and Saturday clientele.”

Stone plans to keep later hours during special events at the Ohio Theatre, Riffe Center and Columbus Commons.

“If you go to a Broadway Series show, the Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theater or Picnic With the Pops, you can pick up some freshly cooked nuts or other goodies until about a half hour before show time,” she says.

Customers can expect to find a very similar lineup of candy and nuts at the new store, with seasonal items including peanut brittle, toffee peanuts and more.

“We will close retail sales at 46 N High Street on March 24th,” says Stone. “When it comes to reopening, we are at the mercy of those who grant permits and approve inspections. We hope to be open in late April or early May.”

The one thing that Stone says that she and her husband will miss most is the connection to the vibrancy of Gay Street and the businesses that have grown around the corner from them in the past decade.

“Even though we’re only moving a block or so away, we will still recommend the coffee and tomato basil soup at Brioso, the pot roast on pretzel bread at Tip Top, the brownies and blondies at Sugardaddy’s, and the slices and subs at Cafe Napolitana,” she says. “But we also look forward to our new neighbors which includes Chez de Bon, Manifesto and the planned Chintz Room.”

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/Peanut-Shoppe-Columbus/.

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  • Eugene_C

    I like the new location, but if they’re inside the building I think that’s a minus. A store like this needs a door that opens directly onto the street. I can safely say I’ll be stopping in there more, though.

    The balance of foot traffic has definitely moved south. They really need to do something about N. High Street from near Gay up to Spring. It’s kind of a disaster area. A city like Columbus should not have parking lots visible right on High st. downtown.

    • There’s quite a bit of foot traffic right around the corner on Gay Street. But yes, the couple of long-time vacant retail spaces between Broad and Long are a problem.

  • heresthecasey


    The new location will have entrances both from the building lobby and directly off the street.

    Agreed that High north of Broad is a mess. Hopefully the upgrades to Pearl/Lynn Alleys, the Edwards apartment project in the Citizens bldg, the continued vibrancy of Gay St, and the Atlas bldg renovation will spur some additional activity and investment along that stretch.

  • Bluehouse1065

    Will they take their fabulous Mr. Peanut signage with them?

  • jackcoal

    I used to eat the red skin peanuts when I resided in the Short North. Does the new location have a website? I would love to order those red skin peanuts on a regular basis. I can smell em right now. The best thing about catching the bus downtown was the peanut shop on HIgh street. I just couldn’t stop eating those red skin peanuts, so fresh and delicious.

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