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Panera Relocating from Grandview Avenue to Grandview Yard

Walker Evans Walker Evans Panera Relocating from Grandview Avenue to Grandview Yard
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The Panera Bread location at 1307 Grandview Avenue is hopping a mile eastward to open a new location on the northern end of the Grandview Yard development. The new store will be located on Third Avenue in a stand-alone building in front of the new Giant Eagle that is currently under construction.

“The new building will be 3,850 square feet, about 1,000 square feet smaller than the current location, but it will be freestanding and feature a convenient drive-thru,” says Liz Fiorino, Regional Marketing Director for Panera Bread Columbus. “We believe the move will allow us to be able to better serve our loyal Grandview customers.”

The new Grandview Yard location is scheduled to open in late 2014, and the existing Grandview Avenue store will remain open until the new store is completed.

“We are looking forward to having Panera join the growing list of dining options at Grandview Yard,” said Brian Ellis, President of NRI, the developers of Grandview Yard. “With this addition, the Grandview Yard area north of Third Avenue is now fully defined.”

The other outparcel buildings in front of the Giant Eagle includes a GetGo Gas Station and a Wright Patterson Credit Union, which will both open this summer.

Once vacated, Cameron Mitchell plans to open a new neighborhood steakhouse in the old Panera location. Heather Leonard, VP of Marketing at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants confirmed that it is slated to open in late 2015.

In other Panera news, their new Brewery District location at 684 South High Street (in the former Clarmont restaurant building) is slated to host a grand opening on Tuesday, February 11th at 6am.

“It will be a special opening in that we plan to have the former Clarmont piano player, Jack Widner, play during our opening days as a throwback to the location’s history,” said Fiorino.

For more info and discussion on Grandview Yard development, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

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  • My wife and daughter love Panera, and have started going to the one on Lane Avenue rather than fight parking on Grandview Ave or High St. This will be a great option for us; it’s closer AND I assume it will have ample parking.

    I’m curious to see what goes into the old Panera spot (and Giant Eagle for that matter) on Grandview Ave.

  • UrbanPlanner2112

    I was really hoping they would try harder to eliminate gaps and setbacks on this stretch, but oh well. It certainly makes great sense from Panera’s viewpoint being a short walk from GY.

    As for the old Giant Eagle site, they might take a tip from the Coventry Rd. area in Cleveland and tuck a parking garage back there with inexpensive meters in it. The frontage there is quite valuable and I’m sure will be put to good use.

  • davidhunegnaw
  • Thank you davidhunegnaw!

  • JBC

    I’m more excited about the new Get Go. The one on 5th is a nightmare!

  • HogRoaster

    When someone gets excited about a gas station going into Grandview Yard, you know the development is destined to be the next Hilliard Rome Rd / Stringtown Rd / Morse Rd.

  • cmhcow

    There are plenty of ways to have a GE Market District, Panera with a drive through and a Get Go without a design that is a salute to the lowest common denominator design standards that built this town. Let’s face it. Nationwide punked out on this site and nobody pushed back hard enough.

  • Ned23

    The Get Go station on N. High St. was position in a manner that actually improved the appearance of the street. Any idea if they’re planning a similar approach here?

  • @rdmeeker – It says in the article up at the top that a Cameron Mitchell Steakhouse is coming to the old space in 2015.

  • rdlongbrake

    Honestly though, is the north side of 3rd even considered GY? I liken it to the western end of the Easton area, containing big box stores and fast food restaurants (Dicks, World Market, Donatos etc).

  • @rdlongbrake – Yes, that area north of Third is a part of the Grandview Yard development by NRI:

    MAP: http://www.grandviewyard.com/plansleasing.aspx

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