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Otero’s Food Bar Has Closed Their Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Otero’s Food Bar, located at 50 North High Street, has closed their doors, adding one more restaurant casualty to what we had hoped was a finalized list of 2009 closures. This lunch spot has been in business since 2005 and the cause for closure is not immediately known. Their website is still live, but multiple visual reports confirmed that the space was closed up today, and their phone number has been disconnected.

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  • von


  • Yeah, I’d like to know why they closed. I’ve only ever heard positive reviews about the place. They do have a lot of new lunch competition in the area that has popped up in the last five years though.

  • I’ve only ever heard nothing about this place and it just looks off-putting to me. Still prefer it over an empty space  (except for the trashy convenience store next door) and it’s not as if the three consecutive “For Lease” signs across the street weren’t enough.

  • Urbanboi

    Downtown just cant get a break :(

  • Urbanboi Says: Downtown just cant get a break :(

    10 restaurants opened Downtown in 2009 and 1 closed. Just to put things in perspective.

  • Urbanboi

    The trashy convenience store next door is amazing!! They have all my late night snaaaacks…Its probably one of two places in central downtown that sells Milk, eggs, bread…and alot of other grocerys. Reminds me of the store on my old block on the upper west side.

  • JedThorp

    Bummer.  They probably have the best salad bar downtown, and great soups.  I’d always come back with a big Otero’s salad for lunch and my corworkers would ask where I got it.  When I said “Otero’s” they’d ask “where’s that.”  A bummer that more people didn’t know they were there apparently. 

  • Bummer. :(

  • staindson7

    sad. It was a great place! Nobody seems to hit this part of High Street anymore, the focus has been on developing Gay and Broad.

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