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Five-Story Mixed-Use Development Approved for South Campus

Brent Warren Brent Warren Five-Story Mixed-Use Development Approved for South CampusRenderings via Humphreys & Partners Architects / Paul W. Kelley.
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Edwards Communities received approval from the University Area Review Board last week to build the High Street portion of their seven-acre mixed-use development south of the South Campus Gateway.

The five-story building will feature 23,000 square feet of retail, a 133-space parking garage, 140 apartments, and two interior courtyards which will sit on top of the garage.

Additional parking will be provided by the existing Gateway garage as well as a large, four-level garage currently being built on the east side of Pearl Street. That garage – which will be connected to the new building via a second-floor pedestrian bridge – will itself be surrounded by apartment buildings fronting Eighth and Ninth avenues. An additional row of apartment buildings is also currently under construction on the south side of Eighth Avenue.

Board member Pascuale Grado expressed his appreciation for the changes made to the High Street building since it was first brought to the board in October. “I want to compliment you on the improvements,” he said. “It has taken on an air of elegance as well as meeting all of our concerns.”


This was the third trip to the UARB for the project, and although the basic footprint and programming of the building haven’t changed, many architectural details were tweaked in response to feedback from the board.

Although now approved, the start of construction on the building may be held up until this summer because the Community Housing Network building at 1494 N. High is still occupied. That building won’t be demolished until its replacement – a new building currently under construction at the corner of E. Ninth and Section Alley, on the eastern edge of the larger development – is closer to being completed.

Renderings via Humphreys & Partners Architects / Paul W. Kelley.


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