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Openings, Closings and Remodeling at Easton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Openings, Closings and Remodeling at Easton
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  • Sumo

The Dispatch has an article running today that discusses Easton’s plans to shuffle a few stores around and breathe some new life into the 10-year-old lifestyle shopping center. The new stores coming soon to Easton include an H&M, North Face, Northstar Cafe, Oakley, Shoe Woo, Clarks, Journeys, Sketchers, and Yagoot. Several stores are remodeling, including Aldo, Buckle and Forever XXI. Some stores are relocating within the shopping center, such as Cheryl & Co, Della’s, Eddie Bauer, Pac Sun, Select Comfort, Wet Seal. And finally, some stores are either closing or have recently closed, which includes Bang & Olufsen, Benetton, Dr. Mojoe, Global Gallery, Luxoderm, Origins, Pottery Barn Kids, Ruehl, Steve Madden.

The full article can be read here.

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  • I can’t say that any of this seems overly exciting to me, other than the H&M (if they carry men’s clothes). Anyone else jazzed about any of these new stores?

    Here’s the big map from the Dispatch article too:

  • NerosNeptune

    There was a lot of talk about a north face store in the short north in a thread here.. so at least those people wanting that don’t have to drive too far. The article makes it sound like the Shoe Woo place is at least unique (this will be one of their first US stores and the only one in the midwest).

    I like Clarks shoes,, although you can already find them at a lot of places in Columbus.

    At least there are more stores opening than closing.


    Northface coming is great news, but the fact bang & olufsen is closing sucks.  Not that I own any B&O stuff  but I always loved just looking at their cool stuff.

  • I think North Face will do great there and is a good sign for them. Shoe Woo sounds like a good grab too.  I also think the Short North and other districts should use that bit about the average shopper only visiting three stores when they go to Easton in marketing materials.

  • the easton shoe district.

  • Urbanboi

    H&M looks like it will be 2 levels..hopefully they figure out that guys like to shop 2 and they bring a mens section :)

  • cc

    If you read the comments in the Dispatch the consensus is that Easton is being overrun by gangs and will soon be a scene from the 1981 Kurt Russell movie “Escape from New York”. I really hate how all these gangs keep taking over our malls, but even ganstas have to shop somewhere.

  • DavidF

    Well, the dispatch comments definition of being overrun by gangs is somewhat loose. i.e. “I saw someone there who doesn’t look like me!”

  • cc

    My source for black tar herion deals in front of Della’s on Gramercy Street.

    The Dispatch comments section is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get…

  • ilovethiscity

    I’m all about the Northstar. Northface, too. And yes, H&M, should they carry men’s clothes. Benetton leaving was sad as their bright colors always brought cheer to the day. Yagoot is effing delicious

  • CbusIslander

    The H&M appears to be a large space, so no doubt it will have mens, womens, and children’s clothing.  My wife will love the clarks only store.  I love that easton keeps the variety going.

  • pez

    Surprised Bang & Olufsen lasted as long as they did, can’t imagine the market for super high-end (expensive) speakers and accessories in a metro this size is there.

  • lisathewaitress

    “The Dispatch comments section is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get…”

    I don’t know, you almost always get “turd flavored.”

  • DawonHawkins

    Was sad when Benetton lost their men’s section – it was inevitable that the women’s would follow shortly thereafter. Love that we’re getting a new H&M – hopefully with a decent men’s collection. Northstar is a can’t lose bet… pancakes and northstar burgers mmm, the healthy alternative to Five Guys :-)  

  • I’m with Walker, nor particularly pumped about any of those. As a short north resident and shopper, I wouldn’t mind Northface coming downtown. :) I try to keep my Easton visits only for my Apple product repairs.

  • lb1981

    I’d say it’s without question that H&M will carry men’s, but how much?  There are large, even two floor, stores in NYC and DC that have only a minimal men’s section.  Hopefully they’ll take the huge gay population into consideration.

  • ScooterMKE

    Usually if an H&M has two floors it carries guys clothes.  The H&M here in Milwaukee has two floors and guys is on the second floor. I would think they would do the same at Easton.

    I think the only one Easton hasn’t snagged yet is Zara.  They’re the only chain I see opening stores recently.

  • So what, another place to buy tight clothes! I wish these places would scale down and weed out repetition. Fortunatly, they aren’t asking for public money for this renovation.

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