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One Line Coffee Opens in The Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans One Line Coffee Opens in The Short North
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The Short North grows one coffee shop richer today as One Line Coffee opens their doors to the public. The new shop may be unfamiliar to many in Columbus, but the local company has long standing roots in Heath, Ohio where most of their roasting is done. The shop features a pour-over bar, a tasting room and a small roaster for sampling.

“We specialize in hand dripped coffee, espresso based drinks, select teas and iced coffees in various forms,” said One Line co-Founder Dave Forman. “We’ll also be selling home brewing equipment and whole bean coffee.”

The new shop is open to the public as of this morning, but will also be hosting an official grand opening party during the August Gallery Hop.

One Line Coffee is located at 745 North High Street in the Short North. They’re open Monday through Thursday 7am to 7pm, Friday 7am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 10pm and Sunday 8am to 7pm.

For more information, visit www.onelinecoffee.com.

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  • coffee, Coffee, COFFEE! Oh Dark Lord of Caffeine Thank You for this new Shrine…….

  • Polis

    Has anyone visited this place yet? It looks less like a cafe setting and more like a coffee retailer, for lack of better terminology.

    Are there tables at which to sit? Or is their business geared more towards selling their beans than one cup at a time?

  • I went in yesterday morning (and took the photos) and got a latte to go. It’s certainly more of a “retailer” vibe. There are tables to stand at throughout, and I’m not sure if high barstool seating is still on the way, or if it’s meant for standing only. If the latter, then it’s more of a place to get a cup to go or to hang out a few minutes and read the news, rather than sit and sip for hours on end. ;)

  • Very hesitant to post a review/experience as this is the type of place that should be in a back alley, tucked away from the unwashed masses and jealousy guarded. It’s damn good.

    First off: no blenders, no food, no pastry case. You have a pretty good feeling this is going to something special.

    Tasting notes line the wall when you first walk in and the barista is happy to recommend what’s good that day. My first choice was the recommended Kenya peaberry, prepared at the pour over bar. The beans were ground fresh for my cup, there’s no prepared coffee ready, so be patient.

    That cup was delicious but now I’m eying the espresso. Again I went with the recommendation, their single orgin feature. The barista took a practice shot on the machine (I think this is the first time I’ve seen this done) before running mine. @ $2 a shot the espresso is well worth it.

    If you’re looking for a “come-to-Jesus” moment with your morning joe, this is it.

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