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Ohio’s Own: Fired Up Pizza

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Fired Up Pizza
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“Gourmet” and “Frozen Pizza” are a couple of terms you don’t usually use in close proximity. Frozen pizza connotes desperation food, food consumed when you are too tired to cook, go out, or even type in an online order to a delivery joint.

And although Fired Up Pizza’s frozen pizza project doesn’t use the term “gourmet” in its marketing, how else do you describe a pie that’s wood fired and made by a former executive chef for a couple of Cameron Mitchell joints? If that’s not gourmet, it’s at least a pizza with a wicked resume.

And, if you follow the cooking directions on the frozen pies, you’ll find that they do their heritage proud. Remove the pizza from its vacuum packaging, pop it in a preheated oven, and it turns out nicely. Most notable is the crust, which delivers the distinct toasty flavor associated with wood fired pizza, along with a textural combo of crisp and chewy that is downright remarkable in a formerly frozen anything. The cheese is also worth noting, as it comes across with a super-fresh drippiness; again, not expected from freezer food.

The Porkfecta pie is a fine specimen, topped off with slices of salami, pepperoni, and bits of ground pork. There are other varieties available, including a mushroom one with gorgonzola and a pesto chicken pizza. Of course, plain old pepperoni is always an option too.

For those who prefer to do no cooking at all, Fired Up Pizza does operate a catering business. You can find the frozen pies at farmers markets in Granville, Pickerington and Worthington. The super good news is that the operation is launching a delivery endeavor this month, too. The pies arrive frozen, but baking isn’t much of a chore.

You can check the zip codes for delivery, and order online at getfireduppizza.com.


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