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Ohio Stores Stock Up On Alligator Meat

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Ohio Stores Stock Up On Alligator Meat

POSTED: 9:05 am EST January 4, 2007

UPDATED: 10:37 am EST January 4, 2007

AKRON, Ohio — Some Ohio stores are stocking up on alligator meat in anticipation of demand from Ohio State fans planning pre-game feasts for Monday’s big game.

Columbus-area Meijer stores are selling frozen alligator fillets, telling customers in an ad to “bring home your own slice of gator.”


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  • shy_999

    Alligator Fingers

    Here is a recipe for all those who are buying some gator! LOL

  • Walker

    Is alligator meat any good? I’d think it would be tough and gamey. :?

  • shroud

    It’s actually really fishy tasting. I had it at one of the downtown Columbus food festivals (taste of Columbus or the international festival or something) and it was battered & fried and really not good at all.

    Maybe prepared in other ways (or other settings) it might be better…

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