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OH Pizza & Brew Reopens Carryout and Delivery Next Week

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega OH Pizza & Brew Reopens Carryout and Delivery Next WeekPhoto by Walker Evans.
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OH Pizza & Brew will finally reopen next week after delayed construction and legal disputes with two contractors. Owner Luke Edwards closed the restaurant for renovations last May, but has been open intermittently for delivery and carryout only since March 1.

“Here is the official update,” Edwards said in an email. “We won our lawsuit with first contractor. The second contractor was right in the middle of his draw/work schedule as he picked up his 5th OVI crashing into a family and then fleeing the scene” … “Our attorney is going to get us out of the contract so we can move on (god knows how long that will take) and I guess I have to sue to get all of the money owed since the work won’t be performed.”

OH Pizza & Brew opened at 250 N. Third St. in 2014 offering pizza, wings, subs and salads. After two years, Edwards started on a full revamp, complete with new facade, patio, signage and windows. Not sure how long the entire buildout will take, Edwards has taken it upon himself to at least fix up the “raw and unfinished” carryout and delivery section.

“I have decided to build a really nice cafe area with brand new restrooms, ceiling and flooring,” he said. “We are expected to be done by next week.”

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  • Tim

    Oh man, this is infuriating. Luke is a good guy and they’re doing great work over there. To hear how screwed they got by those contractors and then to have to pay a lawyer on top of it…. I hope those contractors get ruined. Is he allowed to name names? Those thieving bastards should never get work in this city again.

    The remodel plan was so great and so ambitious… to have to abandon it because of things out of their control and miss out on all the revenue he could have been making due to delays is just a punch in the gut.

    Here’s to hoping they can make up the losses and get everything they want done in the future.

  • i bet if he did a gofundme people would help..don’t know him but sounds like he’s a good guy hopefully he has a good community around him..never know til ya try


    Big fan of that rendering, I hope it turns out. Maybe they should consider an indiegogo campaign? Sponsor a party at their new neighbor, Pins?

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