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Obama Re-Elected for Second Presidential Term

Walker Evans Walker Evans Obama Re-Elected for Second Presidential Term
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Between roughly 11:15pm and 11:20pm on Tuesday, November 6th, news outlets including NPR, the BBC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and others have called the 2012 Presidential Election for Barack Obama.

Ohio proved to be a pivotal battleground state as has been predicted over the past few months. Ohio was called for Obama by a very narrow margin when 77% precincts were reporting. As of 11:40pm on Tuesday night, other battleground states including Florida and Virginia have not been called, but Obama currently has a narrow lead in both states as well.

As of 11:40pm on Tuesday night, the Romney campaign has not conceded the State of Ohio or the election.

Edit: As of 1:00am on early Wednesday morning, Romney delivered his concession speech.

More information about election results can be found on the Columbus Underground Messageboard.

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  • Ohio women, you rock. I was leaning Libertarian until the Republicans started their war on women. Like me, you understood the greater ramifications of a Romney presidency and got out the vote. I am proud to call Ohio home right now. Really proud.

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