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North Residential District Plan Approved at OSU

Walker Evans Walker Evans North Residential District Plan Approved at OSU
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A transformational plan to densify student living on the northeast corner of The Ohio State University’s main campus was approved on Friday. The North Residential District project will increase the number of student dormitory beds by 3,200 and increase the number of dining, recreation and support facilities for the north campus area. The project will also assist with the process of eventually housing all sophomore students in dormitories by 2015.

“We know that students who live in the residence halls for two years have significantly higher second-year retention and graduation rates than those who have never lived on campus,” said Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee. “We are creating another exceptional living environment, complementing work already underway in the South Residential District, incorporating the elements of student success, programmatic needs, architectural innovation, and student and faculty interaction.”

The project will be funded through bonds and university reserve funds. Any increase in room rates will be capped at six percent annually, which is in line with many peer institutions.

Once complete, over 6,350 students will reside in the North Residential area. The first phase of construction is scheduled to begin in July of 2013 with all phases complete by June of 2016.

More information can be found online at whatsgrowingon.osu.edu/north-residential-district-plan/.

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  • cbus11

    Probably a good thing in the long run. It will be interesting to see if it has any real effect on the student ghettos, but I do not think it will.

  • hdtvohio

    For anybody who is unaware of North Campus, the 3 somewhat upside down T shaped buildings on the top of the picture are the North High rises. Tayor Tower on the right is at Lane and High. Jones is the Middle one and Drackett is the west one.

    Based on this picture, they are completely moving things around, and by that I mean the basketball court and street hockey rink.

    It also looks like the Volleyball court is moving, but to where I don’t know…unless gray denotes sand and it’s in the same place.

    Walker, where’d you get the information? I’d love to see a key for that picture or some of the plans laid out (and I’m sure anybody on this site who has lived on North campus would like to also).

  • This is the cover story from last weeks Columbus Business First if you are interested in more information.

  • columbusmike

    It will be interesting to see the architectural style for this new district. I’d hate to see an all-ultra modern approach. It would be nice to see a blend of old and new architecture to give it that real campus-feel, rather than a corporate campus setting.

  • newspaperwoman

    melikecheese is my new favorite user, and I swear it’s not my psuedonym, even though I am from Wisconsin.

    Here’s our story, which had to be reported without OSU administration commenting before our deadline. So I used FOIA.


    When planners first brought this to trustees in embryonic form a year ago, they had discussed tearing down the Owens rec center, the half-cylinder building along Lane, but that gets preserved in the new plan.


  • There’s also a year of previous news and discussion on this topic, here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/forums/topic/north-campus-dorm-redevelopment-project-news-updates

  • woodrowperry


    Jesse Owens North = quonset hut. Not trying to be a dick, but as a writer I imagine you might like to have that in your lexicon.

  • newspaperwoman

    Right you are! Delighted to learn it. Don’t usually do architecture.

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